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Honoring the Martyrs

Caucasus has always been famous for its heroes, their acts were admired, younger generations grew following their examples.

The most honorable place among these true heroes occupy Shaheeds - Martyrs, who died on the path of God, upholding the religion of Islam.

Such high award is received only by Allah's chosen.

One would think that, the years of persecution of Islamic scholars has ended in the 1930s of the 20 century. But the last two decades have revealed new names of heroes, who sacrificed their lives entirely to serving God and departed from this world, working for the good of society.

Since the early 1990's, with the emergence of Wahhabi followers in North Caucasus, dozens of religious leaders who tried to prevent proliferation of such pseudo-religious sects and movements were killed.
Honoring the martyrs – a memorial day to remember those who died on the path of God was organized by Said Muhammad Haji Abubakarov Charitable Fund in Makhachkala. Muftis, imams, preachers and those who helped to spread the truth of Islam were remembered on 09 Feb 2011.

The name of the mufti, Said Muhammad Haji Abubakarov – is the first in the list of martyrs of our time. He together with his brother and driver were detonated in courtyard of Makhachkala Central Jum`ah Mosque on Friday Aug 21, 1998.

Among those killed also two more muftis - the Mufti of the Chechen Republic Ahmad Haji Kadirov and the mufti of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic Anas Haji Pshikhachev.

The list of martyrs includes deputy Dagestani mufti Kuramuhammad Haji Ramazanov, Ahmad Haji Tagaev well-known Muslim journalist Abdullah Alishaev, editor in chief of "Makhachkala TV”, Muhammad Wakil Sultanmagomedov, head of radio Watan Shamil Aliev and others. Some 12 imams and religious leaders were killed in 2010 alone.

The event organized by Dagestani Mufti’s office in cooperation with Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs and Said Muhammad Haji Abubakarov Charitable Fund was attended by some 300 participants from all over the North Caucasus, including relatives of martyrs.

The meeting was chaired by Makhachkala Central Mosque Imam Muhammad Rasul Saaduev, who denouncing terrorists referred to them as to enemies of their own people. “We are all Muslims, whether Dagestani, Chechen or Kabardians.We are divided by administrative borders only. In the fight against enemies of Islam - we are one,” - he said.

The event was not ignored by Dagestani President, whose welcoming address was read by Minister Bekmurza Bekmurzaev. Imam from Izberbash said that he envies those martyred and feels honored that he had the chance to work with such people as martyred Said Muhammad Haji Abubakarov, Kuramuhammad Haji, Ahmad Haji Tagaev, Muhammad Wakil Haji. “It is very hard to talk about one’s friends who had gone to the better world. I am happy to have worked together and under the leadership of these great people“ - he said.

Osman Kubiev, Adviser to Checnnya’s Mufti began by congratulating the audience with the arrival of Rabiul Awwal, the Prophet Muhamad [sas] birth month and said that we will always remember the soldiers of Islam, and say “No” to Wahhabism. "Among those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Islam was hero of Islam Ahmad-Haji Kadyrov", - said Kubiev.

Video presentations and documentaries about lives of martyrs who until recently were alive, calling for truth and spreading the word of Allah, left no one indifferent. Photos of the martyrs were hung on the walls of the hall, and one could see how hard it was to hold back tears for the participants, looking at the faces of the heroes of Islam.

Ahmad Haji Abdulaev, Dagestani Mufti speaking at the end of the event called for exercising strength and patience. “Each one of us lives in this world as much as Allah has given for him to live.” He also added that one should not be looking at others’ mistakes. “Observe your own mistakes and repent your sins, strive to improve ourselves and better follow the Shariah. If we love the martyrs, it means that we need to work longer, doubling our efforts to spread the religion” – he said.

Participants condemned the acts of terrorists, killing religious leaders and remembered those who received Presidential awards. Hajimurad Nurmagoedov, Imam from Gubden, Karabudakhkentsky District, as well as Dagestani Mufti’s deputies, Ahmad Haji Tagaev and Kuramuhammad Haji Ramazanov were posthumously awarded the Order of Courage by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Dec 08, 2010, for their courage and bravery in carrying out their civic duties.

Later the same award was given to the mufti of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic Anas Hajji Pshikhachev.
The purpose of the event was to promote peace and stability in the Caucasus and Russia, to develop a joint coordinated position towards those who continue to erode traditional religious morals, social and legal foundations.

According to organizers, the meeting was aimed at forming a correct idea about the true values of Islam, especially the rule for jihad according to Shari'ah, honor the martyrs, as well as moral education and beneficial work for the good of society.

Speakers emphasized that Islam condemns any manifestations of extremism and terrorism, especially with the use of Islamic slogans. They also noted the importance of explaining the nature and content of the terms as "jihad" and "shaheed" in Shari'ah, assessed the actions of terrorists such as hostage taking and suicide bombing.

The Holy Qur'an teaches Muslims that the killing of one innocent person is equivalent to killing all mankind and saving the life of one man is equivalent to saving all mankind.
The death of each of them for us – is sadness and grief, but for martyrs themselves it is great happiness and God's mercy and the word of God does not stop with their demise.

Participants of the event adopted a resolution calling the Russian public to denounce terrorism and create an atmosphere of rejection of extremist ideology.
"Religious leaders should intensify preaching the canonical exposures for the trends that run counter to the Quran and the Sunnah; systematically bring to the audience the true meaning of such terms as "jihad","shahada","shirk","kufr"and others", - says the resolution.

The event's participants also made a proposal to name one of the streets in the capital "Martyrs’ Street” (in memory of victims of terror) in Dagestan.

List of Martyrs
1. Abubakarov Said Muhammad Hajji (1959-1998) (the Mufti of Dagestan).
2. Kadirov, Ahmad Haji (the Mufti of Chechnya) (1951 - 2004).
3. Anas Haji Pshikhachev (Mufti of Kabardino Balkaria) (1967-2010).
4. Abubakarov Ahmad Haji (1976-1998).
5. Omargadzhiev Haidar Haji (1975-1998).
6. Ramazanov Tinamuhammad (Bavtugai village imam) (1975-2006).
7. Saigidmagomedov Muhammad Habib (Abrikosoaya St. mosque Imam) (1979-2006).
8. Ramazanov Kuramuhammad Hajji (1956-2007).
9. Ramazanov Abdulla Haji (1969-2007).
10. Hamzatov Hitinamuhammad from the village of Urib (Khasavyurt) (1933-2007).
11. Hajimuradov Nurmuhammad Haji (from Gubden) (1948-2007).
12. Hajimuradov Ghazimuhammad (Talgi village imam) (1957-2010).
13. Alishaev Abdulla Haji (Chief editor ''Makhachkala TV”) (1969-2008).
14. Tagaev Ahmad Haji (1948-2009).
15. Magomedov Ahmad Ibrahimovich (Kizlyar imam deputy) (1950-2010).
16. Azaev Ali Haji (from Dilim) (1976-2010).
17. Aliev Shamil Haji (Director Radio Watan) (1967-2010).
18. Ubaidulaev Saidmuhammad (1982-2010).
19. Sultanmuhammadov Muhammadwakil (Chief ed.''Makhachkala TV”) (1951-2010).
20. Muhammadov Muhammad Imanovich (village Voskhod, Kizlyar district) (1958-2010).
21. Dzhahparov Ilyas Haji (director of Polyana village madrasa, Kizlyar district) (1977-2010).
22. Nazhmudinov Habib (Polyana village madrasa, Kizlyar district). (1953-2010) (1953-2010)
23. Nazhivulaev Habib (from Yasnaya Polyana) (1970-2010).
24. Gazimagomedov Abutalib Haji (from Chernyaevka) (1977 -2010).
25. Batirov Musa Yusufsidikovich (1980 - 2010).
26. Baibatirov Ahmad (1987 - 2011).

27. Ismail Bostanov - Rector Imam Abu Hanifa Islamic Institute Cherkessk. Killed Sept 20 2009 on the day of Eid al-fitr.
28. Abdul-Karim Bairamukov - Imam Karachaevsk Mosque. Assassinated in 2006.
29. Abubekir Kurdzhiev - deputy mufti of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, the imam of Kislovodsk. Assassinated in 2006.
30. Ismail Batchaev - imam of the village Mara Ayagi. Assassinated in 2006.