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Sean Stone: "Islam, religion of justice, equality"

Source : ABNA | Isfahan | 15 Feb 2012

Sean, who has converted to Islam in Isfahan and selected the name of Ali for himself at the age of 27, said that the Islamic teachings can help the western communities including the United States resolve the problems facing them.

He said that the capitalist governing system in the West and the US has created numerous problems for humanity.

The capitalist system governing the western communities is void of spirituality, thus increasing the sufferings of the mankind, he said.

He said that the people have displayed indignation over the current capitalist and liberal governing system in the form of protests they hold systematically in the western communities.

'Unfortunately, those displaying grievances over the injustice imposed by the capitalist and liberal governing system in the worldwide Occupy protests are not aware that they would not achieve their goals in the absence divine religions and Islam as well,' Sean said.

Asked to comment on how he converted to Islam, Sean said that he was born to a family whose father was a Christian and mother a Jew, so that it was very easy for him to accept Great Prophet of Islam Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

'I've studied history and my study of the Islamic teachings helped me understand that Islam can lead the humanity to happiness.'

Ali (Sean) said that his studies of Islam helped him realize that Islam gets the human being closer to God and he gets spiritual attitude whenever he goes to mosque.

Ali, who is on a visit to Isfahan to work on a documentary film, said that he was pleased to see that the Christian and Jewish people and followers of other religions are living in Isfahan with equal citizenship rights.

Sean Stone said that contrary to anti-Iran propaganda campaign of the West and US media, followers of all religions enjoy equal rights in Iran.

'I ask the reporters and artists of the western countries, whose governments accuse Iran of imposing restrictions on followers of other religions, to come to Iran and see for temselves freedom of religions in Iran and not to be impressed by the political attitudes of their governments towards Iran.'

He said that he held meetings with Christian and Jewish people in Isfahan and followers of Zoroaster and understood that they live in full peace and equality in Iranian community.

Sean, the director of documentary films, converted to Islam in presence of Ayatollah Mohammad Nasseri in Isfahan at the residence of the religious leader.