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Several months ago a young man has approached me for getting acquainted. So happened that I left the conversation without saying no. I saw him the following day, but did not dare to approach him, though I liked him. Few days later a friend of mine said that the young man wants to befriend me and whether I would accept or not. Since it was mentioned in a presence of other people I could not reply - yes I would like to, therefore I did not show any interest. Later, I see him on the street, with friends, in café, he feeling offended does not even look at me. If only he knew that I like him, everything would have been different. Please advise what can I do to change this situation for better. Maybe there is a special dua or prayer… Please help.
Scholarly answer: In order to contact him you may obtain his phone or email address. Send him a message that, according to Islam, you have no right to communicate and build close relations and therefore cannot accept his acquaintance. If he still has questions to you let him talk to your parents. Thus you will secure yourselves against possible sin and, maybe, it will help you to build healthy family with him. Please be informed that it is Haram - forbidden to you to directly talk, communicate with him. Also it is not necessary to lose your head because of this guy as it is still unknown, what the person actually he is and what his intentions are. To a man who does not observe the requirements of Islam, each girl is only an object of his next romantic story, and not his future spouse. Perhaps he just wants to have some romantic relations with you and nothing serious. You should know that everything happens by the will of Allah, and you will marry only the one Allah has chosen for you. Try to conform each action with requirements of Islam and there will be no problem. Sincerely ask Allah to give you a good husband and blessed family. Opinion of the psychologist: If you were really pleasant to him, he will necessarily find a way to start talking to you and if it was just a temporary desire, Allah has protected you from possible sin. It is not necessary to consult with your girlfriends seeking their help as very often it turns out against ourselves. Give time for both of you to consider everything and make decision on a sober head, instead of under the influence of emotions.