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Dificult character

My elder brother has very difficult character. He is always malicious and aggressive, does not respect parents, always argues. He is 25 years old. He almost committed suicide recently, saying he does not wish to live anymore. He blames everyone, to him everyone is guilty, whereas our parents try not to refuse in anything, do everything for all of us. Please advise what can we do!
Opinion of the psychologist: the situation described by you demands special approach, for it is necessary to know precisely, what are the motives behind his acts. Most likely, he conducts himself in that way because he feels internal emptiness and unmaterialized desires. Display of respect and care, quite often helps with such cases. Try to talk him out, voice out what disturbs him. The main thing is not to show excessive persistence and annoyance, if he does not want to talk – do not insist. After several attempts normally a person himself speaks out.