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Responce to insults

Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim, and perform prayers. But I am malicious in relation to my own mother. I help her in everything, but she calls me different names, such as "idler", "brainless", "moron" etc. For example if I in any quarter at school score poorly, she begins, as mentally unhealthy person to shout and shouts some days successively. She is a practicing and sincere Muslim. In reply to her insults I keep quiet and just do not answer. Please advise, how to nicely explain to my mother not to humiliate me anymore.
Scholarly answer: Your behaviour deserves nothing but respect, as you act in accordance with your religion. Wait till the right moment when your mother will be in a good mood and try to talk to her about this. Explain to her that it is not pleasant to you that Islam forbids to name, offend and humiliate other people, even our own children. If you have brother or sister, your may resort to their help in their presence. Opinion of the psychologist: First of all, you should learn how to react to remarks correctly, not by maintaining silence, but by asking why she calls you by those names. Most importantly do not loose your temper and respect for her. By correctly stating your questions you can show how absurd and senseless her reproaches are. Be patient and show love and respect for her. Good luck!