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Qur’an Oasis among 13 cultural projects for Madinah

Source : Saudi Gazette | 24 Jan 2014

Madinah Emir Prince Faisal Bin Salman announced 13 permanent cultural and academic projects aimed at strengthening Madinah’s position as the permanent capital of Islamic culture.

The projects are mainly the outcome of the proposals and suggestions that came up for consideration during the ongoing year-long celebrations following Madinah’s selection as the Islamic Culture Capital for 2013.

Prince Faisal, who is also Chairman of the Supreme Committee to organize events to celebrate the occasion, said that the projects include the Qur’an Oasis, which will make Madinah the Islamic Cultural and Da’wa Center with a special focus on Qur’an studies. The Oasis is part of a serious attempt to regain the historic, cultural and heritage identity of Madinah.

Quba Cultural Center is another project that represents a religious, cultural and social center in Quba region. The center will house several museums, academic centers and libraries.

The third project is the Madinah Welcome Center that will serve to welcome pilgrims, visitors and tourists to the Prophet’s City.

The other projects include developing King Abdul Aziz Library and the Haram Library, Exhibition on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Exhibitions on the Prophet’s battles, Manuscript Heritage Center, Civil District showcasing the past and heritage of Madinah at King Fahd Garden, Center for Islamic architectural studies, expansion of the Hejaz Railway Station Museum, Madinah Center for Studies and Researches, Center for Translation, Center for Contemporary Islamic Art.