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Yemeni children traumatized by US drone strikes

Source : Agencies | 20 Jan 2014

It is reported by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams staff writer, that the Yemeni children are experiencing psychological problems as a consequence of unending U.S. drone attacks. Yemen had to establish a counseling center to help children deal with the psychological trauma of U.S. drone violence, a Yemeni official told the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child this week.

Experts, such as clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Peter Schaapveld, have previously explained how children are "traumatized and re-traumatized by drones". It is not unusual that children dream about dead people, planes and people screaming and running around scared.

Kat Craig, Legal Director of UK-based human rights group Reprieve, stated that Yemeni President Hadi values agreements with the US more than Yemen's responsibility to protect its children. Craig suggests that, instead of setting up a recovery center after allowing and tolerating the U.S. to bomb his country to pieces, President Hadi should listen to his Parliament and stop the drone strikes.

In December, after a strike that targeted a wedding party and killed a dozen, the Yemeni Parliament called an end to U.S. drone strikes on the country. The administration was forced to investigate the strike after Reprieve gathered hard evidence that was difficult to ignore.

In 2014, the U.S. continued to bomb Yemen through drone strikes. A few days ago, a Yemeni farmer killed a Yemeni farmer while he walked to his home in the village of al-Houtau near the city of Shibam.