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Museum of Imam Shamil opened in Kaluga

Source : islam.ru | 27 Apr 2013

Memorial room – museum of Imam of Daghestan and Chechnya – the legendary Imam Shamil, was opened in an official ceremony in Kaluga today, REGNUM news agency reports. The event was attended by many guests from Makhachkala, Kaluga, as well as representatives of Dagestani diaspora in Moscow.

In honor of the opening the memorial room, an exhibition of crafts of the best Dagestani and Caucasus masters, which includes more than 80 exhibits: large copper trays of XVIII century, carpets, ancient arms, national clothes and women's jewelry was also displayed. However, the most expensive exhibit was a sacred book of Muslims - the Quran in a beautiful wooden box.

In 2014, to the 150th anniversary of the Imam Shamil arrival in Kaluga, Dagestanians plan to add museum with some new exhibits. Local History Museum staff have been preparing for this event for several years, GTRK of Kaluga reports. They repaired the building, examined the documents, and collected photos. There were more than a dozen available in the museum.

Imam Shamil with his family arrived in Kaluga on October 10, 1859. Elena Pavlishak, head of the cultural and educational department of the Kaluga Regional Museum said: "We know that his lifestyle in Kaluga, was very ascetic, very modest, the room was very modestly furnished, a lot of time Shamil spent with God communication." On November 25, 1868, he left Kaluga forever and went to Kiev. From there, went to Mecca for performing Hajj, where he passed away in 1871.

Imam Shamil is buried in Madina at Baqi cemetery.