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Dagestani Muslims organize iftars

By Jamal Fulani | Assalam | 31 Jul 2012

With the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan Muslims perform one of the pillars of Islam - fasting. During this month Muslims should abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sunset.

In the evening, with the call of the adhan for the evening prayer - Maghrib, Muslims end their fast. Breaking fast, or iftar, - an indication that another day of fasting is over. Muslims praise Almighty Allah, while breaking fast with dates, water, or candy, and perform collective prayer, after which have a meal.

For the past several years on the territory of Dagestani mosques iftars are organized throughout the holy month, where any Muslim may come to break his/her fast. Tents and table are spread out in the yard of the mosque and believers can taste all what they want.

This good tradition has a great importance because such public iftars strengthen the fraternal ties; it gives Muslims an opportunity to meet each other, to communicate, to see their old friends. Outdoors iftars contribute to the unity of believers, a very important element nowadays.

Muslims sponsoring the iftar prior to preparing the meals agree on who is bringing what, cook the food and bring it to the mosques and help each other in setting the tables.

It is important to note that the tradition of outdoors iftars has its roots in many Muslim countries, where a similar iftars are arranged everywhere during the month of Ramadan. Also, there are many cities in Russia following this suit, different diasporas make a schedule for organizing iftars on certain days and prepare their traditional cuisine for the admiration of others. For example, Uzbeks will prepare world famous Bukhara pilaf, Dagestanis will prepare traditional meat with khinkal on their assigned days.

During Ramadan Muslims invite each other to their houses, because he who feeds a fasting believer will get the same reward as the fasting person.

Invite each other to iftars to break the fast together and may the reward of this noble act multiply, Insha Allah.
May Allah accept our fasting! Amin.