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Makhachkala organizes charity iftars

Source : Ibrahim Abdulaev | IslamDag.info
Makhachkala | 23 Aug 2011

(IslamDag) - It has become an annual tradition to organize charity iftars - fast breaking dinners during Ramadan in Makhachkala, Dagestani capital. Central Jum`a Mosque courtyard is filled with tables for Muslims to break their fast.

With the onset of evening prayer Dagestani Muslims break their fast with dates and fruits and proceed for maghrib prayers. Later they are served with heavy meals and refreshments. Around 300 people young and old attend iftar dinners provided by anonymous sponsors.

Feeding people is very rewarding act, especially in this holy month. Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] in a hadith related by Ahmad and Nisai is reported to have said: "He who feeds a fasting person will receive the same reward as the one fasting, and the reward of the one fasting will not be diminished."

"During this month in Islamic countries, areas of mosques are covered with large tables, where Muslims treat each other with food," - Mosque Imam Muhammad Rasul Saaduev said.

"We would like to revive this tradition in Russia, where a Muslim - traveler or simply someone bereft of means could come to mosque and find iftar dinners offered by his Muslim brothers. We should strive to promote this God-pleasing tradition and people should take as much participation in it as possible," he said.

After Iftar Muslims disperse with a sense of celebration, then to meet again in a mosque for Taraweeh prayers.

Makhachkala Central Jum`a Mosque is one of the biggest in Europe and can accommodate up to 17 thousand worshipers at a time.