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Yemeni Muslims

Yemeni children traumatized by US drone strikes

Source : Agencies | 20 Jan 2014

It is reported by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams staff writer, that the Yemeni children are experiencing psychological problems as a consequence of unending U.S. drone attacks. Yemen had to establish a counseling center to help children deal with the psychological trauma of U.S. drone violence, a Yemeni official told the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child this week.

World's oldest ever manuscript of Quran found in Yemen: report

Source : Agencies | 12 Oct 2012

A Yemeni young man claimed to have found the oldest remaining copy of the Holy Quran but has refused to give up the manuscript, a report from the Yemeni Arabic news site Aden Gulf News said on Wednesday.

The man has been offered a sum of YR 12 million ($56,000) but he insisted on keeping the manuscript.

The young man said that he found the holy book wrapped inside a leather cover by climbing down a rope to a mountain cave south of the Yemeni city of Dhale.

No letup in deadly clashes; Saleh to attend Saudi talks

Source : Saeed Al-Batati | Arab News
SANAA | 05 Apr 2011

Three people were killed and more than 50 injured on Tuesday when soldiers of Maj. Gen. Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer, the commander of the First Armored Division — which defected to the opposition — opened fire on a rally in front of Al-Ahmer’s office in the capital, Yemen’s state media claimed.

The protesters were demanding Al-Ahmer change his mind about backing the opposition.

Saleh supporters, opponents flex muscles

Source : Saeed Al-Batati | Arab News
SANAA | 01 Apr 2011

Thousands of supporters of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh streamed Saturday into the capital’s Sabeen Parade Zone, near his heavily fortified palace, to show their support for the beleaguered leader.

The crowds carried banners urging Saleh not to bow to opposition demands for his resignation. Boosted by the huge crowd of supporters, Saleh responded: "I swear to you that I will sacrifice my blood and soul and everything precious for the sake of this great people."

Anti-Saleh protests sweep Yemen

Source | Al Jazeera
Sanaa | 03 Mar 2011

A growing wave of protests across Yemen is mounting pressure on President Ali Abdullah Saleh to end his 32-year rule

Several thousand demonstrators turned out yet again in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday for what are now almost daily rallies against him and denied any links to the US.

"The people who come to the square are youths, free youths who have no connection whatsoever to any foreign entity, their only concern is to topple the regime," Ali Al Sakkaf, a protester, said.

Anti-government protests in Yemen spread to south

Source : Saeed Al-Batati | Arab News
SANAA | 16 Feb 2011

A demonstrator was killed and at least five others were injured when police fired bullets and tear gas to disperse a demonstration in Al-Mansoura district in Yemen’s coastal commercial capital Aden, local sources said.

Following the killing, angry demonstrators attacked the Al-Mansoura local council building. The demonstrators, who were among other protesters calling for the change of the goverment, stormed the building and set it ablaze along with four cars parked in the area.

Yemen's Saleh rules out new term or inheritance

Source : Al Arabiya
SANAA | 02 Feb 2011

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a key U.S. ally against al-Qaeda, said on Wednesday he will not seek to extend his presidency in a move that would end his three-decade rule when his current term expires in 2013.

“No to hereditary rule and no to life presidency,” he said addressing a joint meeting of Parliament and the Shoura Council in Sanaa.

Egyptian TV preacher to fight extremism in Yemen

Source : Mohammed Mukhashaf and Mohamed Sudam | Reuters
ADEN : Yemen | 24 Nov 2010

Yemen has enlisted the help of a popular Egyptian television preacher to help it dislodge militant Islamists’ foothold within its conservative population.

The impoverished Arabian Peninsula state, already juggling conflicts in its north and south, is struggling to combat a resurgent wing of Al-Qaeda that experts say exploits Yemen’s instability to launch attacks in the region and beyond.

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