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woman in Islam

The impact of Islamic teachings on women

By Sadaf Farooqi | OnIslam | 23 Nov 2012

The Qur’an is indeed a miracle that has withstood the test of time; not a single letter in it has changed over 14 centuries. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims memorize and preserve it in their hearts. It contains amazing scientific facts confirmed much later after their revelation. Allah, the Exalted, promised to protect and preserve it. He says, “Surely We have revealed the Reminder, and We will most surely be its Guardian.” (Qur’an, 15:9)

Khawala Bint Al Azwar - the Islamic heroine

Khawala Bint Al Azwar - heroine of Islam. By Ma'n Abul Husn

There is not an Arab city that does not have a school carrying the name of Khawala Bint Al Azwar, the extraordinary woman who was so contemporary of the early years of Islam. Most of what history tells us about her childhood and environment is quite vague, but provides rich information about her courage that had most likely played a role in strengthening the new religion.

India weddings faulted for prodigious food waste

Source : Nirmala George | AP
NEW DELHI | 21 Jul 2011

When the daughter of businessman Mohammed Sultan got married recently, guests were treated to a lavish 30-course meal served in super-sized silver platters.

The Kashmiri feast, prepared by an army of chefs, included more than 20 meat and kebab dishes rich with spices to go with the saffron-flavored rice and naan breads.

Hours later, after the more than 500 guests had eaten their fill, the leftovers were dumped by the cartload at a nearby garbage site.

International Weightlifting Federation changes uniform rules to allow hijab

Source : Islam Today
Kuala Lumpur : 01 Jul 2011

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has modified its policy on competitor apparel to allow modest Islamic attire.

In a statement released today in Malaysia announcing the change, IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan said:

Position of women in Islam — social aspect

Source : Jamal Badawi
Chairman, Islamic Information Foundation - Canada

Prior to the advent of Islam, female infanticide was practiced by the Arabs.
Islam not only succeeded in uprooting this evil practice by declaring it to be murder, but also ended the prevalent notion that the birth of a girl was not as auspicious as the birth of a boy. Islam teaches that the birth of any child is a great blessing.

Making decisions for Islam: The story of Zainab binti Muhammad [peace be upon him]

Source : Maria Zain | Harakah

Could women play a bigger role in Islamic finance?

Source : Shaheen Pasha | Reuters
DUBAI | 30 Sep 2010

It’s not unusual to hear people ask why Islamic finance does not embrace women. Given the global finance industry is dominated by men isn’t it even more difficult for Muslim women to make their mark on the $1 trillion Islamic finance industry?

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