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Yemeni children traumatized by US drone strikes

Source : Agencies | 20 Jan 2014

It is reported by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams staff writer, that the Yemeni children are experiencing psychological problems as a consequence of unending U.S. drone attacks. Yemen had to establish a counseling center to help children deal with the psychological trauma of U.S. drone violence, a Yemeni official told the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child this week.

UN: US Drone Strikes Violate Pakistan's Sovereignty

By Andrea Germanos | Agencies | 16 Mar 2013

Pakistan has condemned justifications given by U.S. officials for its drone strikes, which are "a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty" and have killed hundreds of civilians, the head of a United Nations team probing U.S. drone attacks stated Friday.

Children 'Traumatized and Re-Traumatized by Drones' in Yemen

By Andrea Germanos | Agencies | 08 Mar 2013

A report from a clinical and forensic psychologist just back from Yemen offers a disturbing picture of the horror drones have inflicted on children, who are "traumatized and re-traumatized" by the strikes whose use "amounts to a form of psychological torture and collective punishment."

Secret CIA drone base in Saudi Arabia

Source : Agencies | 06 Feb 2013

Deadly CIA drone strikes into Yemen originated in Saudi Arabia, The Washington Post reported.

The secret base's location, also disclosed by several other U.S. news organizations Tuesday, had been withheld by the organizations for more than a year at the request of senior Obama administration officials, the news organizations said.

But they reported the location after The New York Times reported online the CIA quietly established a drone base in Saudi Arabia two years ago to carry out strikes in Yemen.

U.S. seen to establish drone base in Niger: official

By Associated Press | 30 Jan 2013

The U.S. is moving toward setting up a military base in northwest Africa from which to operate surveillance drones to collect intelligence on Islamic militants in the region, several defense officials said Tuesday.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because the plan is still in the works, said the base in Niger would position the U.S. to provide more help to French troops fighting al-Qaeda-backed militants in neighboring Mali.

Outrage in Yemen Grows as Deadly US Drone Attacks Expand

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 05 Jan 2013

Protesters in Yemen expressed outrage Friday over a recent spike in US drone attacks which killed, according to witnesses, many civilian bystanders in addition to the likely targets.

Dozens of protesters in the southern town of Redaa staged a sit-in at a government administration building in reaction to at least five deadly attacks in the last ten days.

"If the authorities don't stop the American attacks then we will occupy the government institutions in the town," one protester told Reuters.

U.S. drone strikes go down in Pakistan, up in Yemen

By AFP | 28 Dec 2012

U.S. drone strikes against Islamist militants decreased in Pakistan’s tribal regions for the second year in a row but intensified in Yemen, according to figures compiled by a Washington think tank.

In Pakistan, 46 strikes were carried out in 2012, compared to 72 in 2011 and 122 in 2010, the New America Foundation said, based on its compilation of reports in international media.

Iran captures U.S. drone in its airspace

By Reuters | 04 Dec 2012

Iran captured a U.S. drone that was flying in the country’s airspace, its media reported on Tuesday.

The ScanEagle drone was gathering information over Gulf waters and had entered Iranian airspace when it was captured by the naval unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the Fars news agency reported, without giving details.

The agency said the drone was captured sometime “in the last few days.” It was not clear how it was captured.

New Website Brings Drone Strikes to Light

Source : Agencies | 14 Nov 2012

A new website by writer and technologist James Bridle shines an important spotlight on some of the "names of places most of us will never see." By using images from Google earth and target details from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, he identifies the "towns, villages, junctions and roads" that have been targets of drone attacks.

US accuses Iran of firing U.S. drone over Gulf

Source : Agencies | 09 Nov 2012

Iranian warplanes fired at an unarmed U.S. drone in international airspace on Nov. 1 but did not hit the aircraft, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

According to the timeline provided by the Pentagon, two Iranian SU-25 "Frogfoot" aircraft intercepted the American drone at about 4:50 a.m. EST (0850 GMT) as it conducted a surveillance mission over Gulf waters about 16 nautical miles off the Iranian coast.

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