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U.N.: More children dying in Afghan violence

Source : The Associated Press | 08 Feb 2014

The number of children killed and wounded in Afghanistan’s war jumped by 34 percent last year as the Taliban stepped up attacks across the country and continued to lay thousands of roadside bombs, the United Nations said Saturday.

Overall civilian casualties were up by 14 percent, reversing 2012’s downward trend and making 2013 one of the deadliest years of the 12-year war for civilians.

Putin: Unilateral Syria strike would up-end world order

Source : AFP | 12 Sept 2013

Russia issued a stark warning Thursday that unilateral U.S. military action could destroy world order, as the rival great powers discussed a plan to remove Syria's chemical weapons.

In a bid to appeal directly to U.S. voters and policy-makers over the head of President Barack Obama, Kremlin leader President Vladimir Putin penned a commentary in the New York Times.

Afghan Officials: 'Significant Evidence' of US Involvement in Torture of Civilians

By Lauren McCauley | Agencies | 14 May 2013

'Worse Than Syria.' Civil War in Iraq 'Has Already Started'?

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 04 May 2013

“It is wrong to say [Iraq is] getting close to a civil war... The civil war has already started.”

Ten Years After US Invasion, 'Politics of Death' Not 'Democracy' in Iraq

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 03 Apr 2013

Sold to the US public with noble promises of "liberation" and "democracy," the invasion of Iraq instead delivered what Agence France-Presse described on Tuesday as the "politics of death."

Sectarian violence and political assassinations have been on the rise ahead of upcoming elections and March, which also marked the tenth anniversary of the US bombardment and ground war, was the deadliest month since summer of last year.

Iraq, Afghan wars to cost U.S. up to $6 trillion: study

Source : AFP | 30 Mar 2013

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars will cost the United States between $4-6 trillion in the long term, constraining the government’s budget for decades to come, a study said.

Harvard University scholar Linda Bilmes concluded that the United States will face increasing costs to care for an estimated 2.5 million veterans, and to pay down debt incurred by borrowing to pay for the wars.

Obama Boosts Syria Support as Congress Pushes Military Intervention

By Samer Araabi | IPS | 25 Mar 2013

As the Syrian uprising enters its third year, the United States and its allies are preparing to materially increase their support of the armed opposition in Syria.

Secretary of State John Kerry pledged an additional 60 million dollars in direct aid to the rebels, marking the first time Washington will directly supply rebel forces, but the administration appears as wary as ever to get more directly involved.

Bombs in Iraq Kill Dozens, Injure Scores on Ten Year Anniversary of US Invasion

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 20 Mar 2013

At least 56 people were reported killed across Baghdad on Tuesday in a series of bombings that coincide with the ten year anniversary of the US bombing campaign known as "shock and awe" and the subsequent US-led ground invasion.

The bombings, which targeted Shia neighborhoods and establishments, also injured nearly 100 other people.

Al-Jazeera reports:

Iraqi living standards still low, ten years on from U.S.-led invasion

By AP | 19 MAr 2013

Ten years after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the government in Baghdad is under pressure to do more to raise living standards for its population.

Israel to Urge Joint US Airstrikes against Syria

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 19 Mar 2013

An anonymous Israeli official has told the Guardian that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to use time during President Obama's upcoming Israel visit to gain U.S. support for possible military strikes against Syria.

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