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A narcissistic US, an anxious Saudi Arabia and a hysterical Israel

Source : Amal Saad-Ghorayeb | Al Jazeera | 03 Dec 2013

For far too long now, members of the Resistance Axis (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas) have been the objects of the West's psychopathologising gaze, as I have documented on my blog, ASG's Counter-Hegemony Unit. While the Syrian government has been pathologised as "delusional" and "detached from reality", Iran has similarly been anthromorphised and classified as an "irrational" actor whose foreign policy behaviour closely resembles a person suffering from Anti-Social Personality disorder.

Where Does Future of Jammu and Kashmir Lie?

By Abdullah al-Ahsan | ISTAC | 28 Oct 2013

Kashmir has not only suffered from Indian democracy, it has also suffered from American democracy. (Reuters)

On his way back to Islamabad after meeting President Obama in Washington, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has renewed his call for US mediation between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Earlier, just days before the scheduled meeting between them, Sharif had made similar call which had met with colossal opposition from India.

Tehran says United States sponsors terrorism in the Middle East

Source : Al Arabiya with Agencies | 01 Jun 2013

Slamming a U.S. State Department report linking Iran to a series of international terror attacks, Tehran on Friday said the United States backs terrorists in the Middle East.

“It should be mentioned that the U.S. government has no merit to label other nations of sponsoring terrorism as it has along ... record (of) supporting terrorist groups in our region as well as Israeli state terrorism,” Alireza Miryousefi, spokesman for Iran’s U.N. mission, told Reuters news agency.

Why is the West against the unification of Muslims?

Source : islam.ru | 22 May 2013

In his interview, Viacheslav Matuzov, the President of the Society of Friendship and Business Partnership with the Arab Countries, answers the complex question about the reasons of disunity of the Arab-Islamic world and the obstacles on the way of unification.

US Congress Moves Toward Full Trade Embargo on Iran

By Jim Lobe | IPS | 24 May 2013

The U.S. Congress moved closer here Wednesday to imposing a full trade embargo against Iran and pledged its support to Israel if it felt compelled to attack Tehran’s nuclear program in self-defense.

The Senate voted 99-0 to adopt a resolution that urged President Barack Obama to fully enforce existing economic sanctions against Iran and to “provide diplomatic, military and economic support” to Israel “in its defense of its territory, people and existence”.

U.S. to block sale of gold to Iran in sanctions clampdown

Source : Al Arabiya and Reuters | 15 May 2013

The United States is to rigorously enforce a ban on gold sales to Iran from July 1, in a further tightening of sanctions over Tehran's disputed nuclear activities.

David S. Cohen, the U.S. Treasury Department's undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, told lawmakers in testimony there had been an increase in gold sales to Iran in response to the sharp depreciation in Iran's currency, the rial.

Who needs the Pan-Arab massacre?

Source : islam.ru | 08 Apr 2013

Viacheslav Matuzov, President of the Society of Friendship and Business Partnership with the Arab Countries is interviewed by Islam.ru about the situation in the Middle East and the geopolitical consequences of the Arab Spring.

Today, we see the Arab countries turned into hot spots as if by instruction.What has really happened in the Arab world? Have the plotters of the “Arabellion” got what they wanted?

US Wasted Billions of Dollars on Iraqi Reconstruction

By Jim Lobe | IPS | 07 Mar 2013

Almost exactly a decade after the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, Washington’s efforts to help reconstruct the country have fallen far short, according to the final report by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) released here Wednesday.

As Mali Forces Are Accused of Torture, US Pledges Increased Funding

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 20 Feb 2013

Following recent allegations that the Mali army has been conducting widespread human rights violations in the nation's French-led and U.S.-backed conflict, the U.S. announced today that it will once again directly fund the country's military after a new round of elections.

Iran calls Washington the world’s only nuclear ‘criminal’

By Reuters | 05 Jan 2013

Iran, whose relationship with the United States has worsened over its disputed nuclear program, blames Washington for violating a nuclear non-proliferation treaty and its failure to wipe out terrorism in Afghanistan.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary, Saeed Jalili, who is on a visit to New Delhi spoke to reporters on Friday and denounced Washington for using nuclear weapons against innocent people.

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