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UNICEF: 8,000 Syrian children cross the border into neighbouring countries unaccompanied

Source : Middle East Monitor | 21 Feb 2014

While the staff at UN organisations have confirmed that the Syrian child Marwan "did not cross the Jordanian border alone and that he was 20 feet away from his family", UNICEF also revealed that "about 8,000 out of the one million Syrian children who have fled to neighbouring countries have crossed the border alone since the beginning of the crisis."

Afghan Refugee Strategy A ‘Big Mistake’: UNHCR

Source : AFP | Kabul | 27 Dec 2011

The head of the UN refugee program in Afghanistan on Tuesday described its strategy in the war-wracked country since 2002 as the “biggest mistake UNHCR ever made”.

Almost a quarter of the population of Afghanistan is made up of refugees returning from Pakistan and Iran. Many find themselves homeless or living in slums under tarpaulin.

But Peter Nicolaus, UNHCR representative in Afghanistan, said the international community had failed to help returnees find a means of earning a living and therefore reintegrating into society.

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