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Syrian protest

UNICEF: 8,000 Syrian children cross the border into neighbouring countries unaccompanied

Source : Middle East Monitor | 21 Feb 2014

While the staff at UN organisations have confirmed that the Syrian child Marwan "did not cross the Jordanian border alone and that he was 20 feet away from his family", UNICEF also revealed that "about 8,000 out of the one million Syrian children who have fled to neighbouring countries have crossed the border alone since the beginning of the crisis."

Syrian peace talks offer hope to trapped civilians

Source : AP/ NY Times | 27 Jan 2014

GENEVA — Two days of face-to-face peace talks yielded a narrow and tentative agreement Sunday for the evacuation of women and children trapped in a besieged Syrian city, and the government said President Bashar Assad had no intention of giving up “the keys to Damascus.”

Nearly 500 killed in fighting between Syrian rebels and Al-Qaeda

Source : RT | 11 Jan 2014

Almost 500 people, including 85 civilians, were killed during in-fighting between rebel groups and an Al-Qaeda branch in Syria in the past week, an activist group reported.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that at least 482 people were dead since the fighting between moderates and mainstream rebel factions versus Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) intensified on January 3.

The group added that 157 individuals were from the ISIL, 240 others were from more moderate factions and 85 were civilians.

Saudi religious leader urges youths not to fight in Syria

By Mahmoud Habboush, Reuters/Dubai | 29 Oct 2013

Saudi Arabia's grand mufti, the highest religious authority in the birthplace of Islam, has urged young Saudis to refrain from fighting in Syria.

The kingdom has backed the rebels battling President Bashar al-Assad, publicly calling on the world powers to “enable” Syrians to protect themselves, but is wary that fighters could return home ready to wage war on their own dynastic rulers.

"I had five sons, now I have four": Syria's senior cleric pardons the rebels who killed his son

By Robert Fisk | The Independent | 24 Sept 2013


The Grand Mufti of Syria preaches a message of forgiveness

Why is France pushing so hard on Syria?

Source : The Associated Press | 17 Sept 2013

In a secretive compound north of Paris, colored blips and blotches on a computer-screen map of Damascus depict an armored vehicle at a highway, tanks, a blown-up building in a suburban field. An unusual glimpse at France's military intelligence headquarters demonstrates how closely the French are watching what's happening in Syria - and how implicated the French government is in ending Syria's civil war.

Putin: Unilateral Syria strike would up-end world order

Source : AFP | 12 Sept 2013

Russia issued a stark warning Thursday that unilateral U.S. military action could destroy world order, as the rival great powers discussed a plan to remove Syria's chemical weapons.

In a bid to appeal directly to U.S. voters and policy-makers over the head of President Barack Obama, Kremlin leader President Vladimir Putin penned a commentary in the New York Times.

Sweets spread the spirit of Ramadan at Syrian refugee camp

Source : Al Arabiya | 20 Jul 2013

Syrian confectioners are preparing traditional Ramadan pancakes, bringing the spirit of the holy month to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, pan-Arab entertainment website Albawaba reported on Friday.

One of the confectioners, Daraa-born Ali Hariri, said he didn’t want his fellow Syrians to forget the Ramadan atmosphere, despite being in the camp.

“All confectioners in the camp wanted to provide their fellow Syrians with the same experience they used to have in Syria,” he told The Jordan Times.

Long-lasting unrest and economic sanctions drive up prices in Syria

Source : Reuters | 05 Jul 2013

Long-lasting unrest and recent Western economic sanctions on Syria have significantly driven up the prices of daily goods, analysts say.

In the country's capital of Damascus, food supplies are adequate in the market, but the prices have kept rising.

“Product prices before the crisis were less than one-third the current ones. That means the current prices are three times those before,” said a Damascus resident.

Syrian official: War causes $15 billion in losses

Source : AP | 01 Jul 2013

More than two years of fighting in Syria’s civil war has damaged some 9,000 state buildings and run up $15 billion in losses to the public sector, a government minister said Sunday, shining a light on the devastating toll the crisis has taken on the country’s economy.

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