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Strait of Hormuz

Iran starts navy drills near Strait of Hormuz

By Al Arabiya with agencies | 28 Dec 2012

Iran started on Friday six days of naval drills in the Strait of Hormuz, the official IRNA news agency reported, maneuvers aimed at showcasing its military capabilities in what is a vital oil and gas shipping route.

Naval commander Habibollah Sayyari said the “Velayat 91” drills would last until Wednesday across an area of about 1 million square kilometers in the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman and northern parts of the Indian Ocean, IRNA said.

Nothing would be left of Israel if Iran targeted: Commander

Source : AP | 17 Sep 2012

The top commander in Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard warned yesterday that his country’s missiles will ensure “nothing will remain” of Israel if it takes military action against Tehran over its controversial nuclear program.

Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari also warned that Iran might close the Straits of Hormuz if it is attacked, withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and hit US bases in the Middle East.

Iran offers foreign ships insurance to beat EU ban

Source : Agencies | 18 Jul 2012

Iran said it would insure any foreign ships that enter its waters, in an effort to beat a European Union ban on insuring ships carrying Iranian crude that has hampered the country's oil exports.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will take all responsibility for insuring any foreign shipping line and any ship that enters Iranian waters," the Fars news agency on Tuesday quoted Seyyed Ataollah Sadr, the managing director of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization, as saying.

UAE starts up pipeline to bypass Strait of Hormuz

By Adam Schreck | AP | Dubai | 16 Jul 2012

The United Arab Emirates on Sunday inaugurated a much-anticipated overland oil pipeline that bypasses the Strait of Hormuz, giving the OPEC member insurance against Iranian threats to block the strategic waterway.

The 380-kilometer (236-mile) Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline snakes across western desert dunes and over the craggy Hajar mountains to the city of Fujairah on the UAE’s Indian Ocean coast, south of the strait.

Iran warns US again in war of nerves

Source : Agencies | 05 Jul 2012

Iran has threatened to destroy US military bases across the Middle East and target Israel within minutes of being attacked, Iranian media reported yesterday, as Revolutionary Guards extended test-firing of ballistic missiles into a third day.

Israel has hinted it may attack Iran if diplomacy fails to secure a halt to its disputed nuclear energy program. The United States also has mooted military action as a last-resort option but has frequently nudged the Israelis to give time for intensified economic sanctions to work against Iran.

Iran test-fires medium range missiles

By Marcus George | Reuters | Dubai | 03 Jul 2012

Iran said on Tuesday it had successfully tested medium-range missiles capable of hitting Israel in response to threats of military action against the country, Iranian media reported.

Israel says it could attack Iran if diplomacy fails to force it to halt its disputed nuclear energy program. The United States also has military force on the table as a last resort, but U.S. officials have repeatedly encouraged the Israelis to be patient while new sanctions against Iran take effect.

Iranian General: Military Strike Would Be the End of Israel

Source : FNA | 24 Jun 2012

A deputy chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces reiterated the country's capability to repel threats, and warned Israel that any military aggression against Iran would lead to an immediate end of the Zionist regime.

"The Islamic Revolution enjoys high capability, and if the Zionist regime wants to take an action against us, it will cause its imminent end," Major General Mostafa Izadi told FNA on Saturday.

The General further ensured that Israel lacks the courage and ability to harm Iran.

Iraq approves Hormuz oil exports contingency plan

By Reuters | Baghdad | 19 Mar 2012

Iraq has approved a plan to expand its oil export routes by adding capacity from its northern fields and building a pipeline to ship oil from southern fields to Ceyhan in Turkey, a government spokesman said.

The contingency plan was set by the government’s energy and economic committee to deal with any potential crisis should Iran close the Strait of Hormuz, which would halt about 80 percent of Iraq’s oil exports.

Attack on Iran likely by summer: Russia

By Steve Gutterman | Reuters | Moscow | 15 Feb 2012

Russia’s top general said on Tuesday that he expects Iran’s enemies to decide in the next few months how to deal with a nuclear program that the United States and Israel have said they might attack.

Attack on Iran 'would be disaster,' must talk - Turkey

By Reuters | Munich | 5 Feb 2012

Turkey and Qatar urged the West on Sunday not to attack Iran to solve a nuclear row, but to make greater efforts to negotiate an end to the dispute.

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