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Sharia laws

Brunei announces tough new code of Islamic law

source : BBC | 24 Oct 2013

The sultanate of Brunei has announced it will enforce a tough new Sharia law penal code.

The code - to apply only to Muslims - is expected to introduce death by stoning for adulterers and the severing of limbs for theft.

Brunei already adheres to a stronger form of Islamic law than neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, banning the sale and consumption of alcohol.

The new code, to be enforced in six months, will strengthen that policy.

Islamic Finance's 'Scholar Problem': Why Are Shariah Scholars Paid So Much?

By Sophie McBain | Spear's | 13 May 2013

Dollars for Scholars 

Seventy-Two Percent of Indonesian Muslims Favor Shariah Law: Pew Forum

By Arientha Primanita & Ethan Harfenist | The Jakarta Globe | 02 May 2013

Despite being touted as the Muslim world’s largest democracy, a new survey released by the Pew Research Center on Tuesday revealed that 72 percent of Indonesia’s Muslim population would favor an Islamic legal code as the “official law of the land” if given the option.

Strong youth support for Shariah in Pakistan

Source : AFP | 03 Apr 2013

More than half of young Pakistanis believe democracy has not been good for their country and nearly 40 percent are in favor of having Islamic sharia rule, according to a survey published Wednesday.

Pakistan goes to the polls in a historic general election on May 11, but the report by the British Council found deep pessimism about the political system among voters aged 18 to 29.

Sharia law compatible with human rights, argues leading barrister

Source : Guardian/UK | 17 Jan 2012

A leading barrister has called for the UK to become more sharia-literate, while arguing that Islamic law can be compatible with the toughest human rights legislation.

Sadakat Kadri told the Guardian that so-called "sharia courts", such as the Muslim arbitration tribunal, were good for "the community as a whole" by putting Sharia on a transparent, public footing and should be more widely accessible to those who want to use them.

Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims

By Divya Talwar | BBC Asian Network | 16 Jan 2012

The use of Sharia, or Islamic religious law, is growing in Britain, with thousands of Muslims using it to settle disputes each year, but women's groups and some others are objecting.

''You must speak the truth, sister. Because Allah is listening to your every word, you can lie to us but not to Him.''

The bearded sheikh is instructing his first client of the day to explain why she is unhappy in her marriage.

A kingdom divided

Source : Caryle Murphy | GlobalPost
JEDDAH : Saudi Arabia | 15 Jul 2010

On Sept. 11, 2001, Ahmed Bin Baz was on vacation in Paris, and as he watched the horrors in New York and Washington unfold on television, he felt “a huge shock” that resonated on a deeply spiritual level.

As details emerged of how 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi and that the plot was authored by another Saudi, Osama bin Laden, a host of religious assumptions that long had gone uncontested in the House of Saud were suddenly thrown into question for this Islamic intellectual.

House at war: Saudi's struggle to reclaim Islam

Source : Caryle Murphy | GlobalPost
RIYADH : Saudi Arabia | 22 Jun 2010

Ibrahim Al Maiman, a respected Muslim scholar, calls himself “a son” of Al Imam Muhammed bin Saud University, theological citadel of Saudi Arabia's ultraconservative version of Islam.

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