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France Deports Imams to Protect Secularism

Source : OnIslam / 14 Dec 2012

Seeking to preserve its secular nature, the French government has enacted a new policy to deport foreign-born imams and disband faith-based groups if they are found to suffer “religious pathology”.

"The aim is not to combat opinions by force, but to detect and understand when an opinion turns into a potentially violent and criminal excess," Interior Minister Manuel Valls told a press conference cited by Reuters.

The religion of modern science; Roots of modern God-free thinking

By: Harun Yahya
21 Jul 2011

Thousands protest "secularism" in Muslim Bangladesh

Source : Agencies
Dhaka | 10 Jul 2011

Riot police in Bangladesh fired tear gas Sunday at thousands of Islamist activists protesting constitutional changes that proclaimed the country a secular state.

Police in Bangladesh on Sunday fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse Islamist activists trying to enforce a nationwide strike over the removal of a Muslim phrase in the constitution, and witnesses said around 50 people were injured and some 100 people were detained.

Secular State and Islamic Tradition in Russia

The state has neutral policy concerning the matters of citizens' attitude towards religion.

The Stalin’s law on cults was abrogated in 1990, and new law “On religious freedom” was enacted by Soviet Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. Muslims of Russia as well as followers of other religions enjoyed more freedom to run activities that they could never have in Russia. Well, tell me in which Islamic country can Muslims as freely as in Russia follow any madhab, any group in Islam, any ‘alim and preach freely anything they want?

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