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religious freedom

Freedom of thought in Islam

Source : Harun Yahya | 19 Mar 2013

The world we live in contains societies with all kinds of beliefs. Muslims living in such a world must be respectful toward all beliefs they come up against, no matter what they may be, and behave forgivingly, justly and humanely. This responsibility placed on believers is to invite people to the beauty of the religion of Allah by means of peace and compassion.

Religion law restricts faith in Kazakhstan

Source : Agencies | 13 Nov 2012

In late October, Kayrat Lama Sharif, chairman of the government’s Religious Affairs Agency, announced the outcome of a year-long process set in motion by the adoption of a controversial religion law last fall. The legislation gave religious denominations and faith-based civic associations one year to re-register under stringent new criteria, or face closure.

Freedom of speech is not a license to spread hatred

Source : ICNA | 09 Oct 2012

Russia Muslims Deny Religious Repression

Source : OnIslam | Moscow | 03 Aug 2012

Jews, Muslims slam German circumcision ruling as assault on religion

Source : Agencies | 28 Jun 2012

Jews and Muslims are joining forces in outrage over a German court's decision that could prohibit parents from having their children circumcised for religious reasons. The court deemed the oft-religious procedure an act of "bodily harm" to children, according to German media reports.

Religious Books Ban Upsets Russia Muslims

Source : OnIslam | Moscow | 20 Jun 2012

A court ruling banning several religious and historic books is inviting a storm of fury from Russian Muslims, who see the verdict as “unjustified”.

“We consider the prohibition of religious literature as an attempt at the revival of total ideological control,” the Russian Council of Muftis said in a statement posted on its website and cited by Russia Today.

“Such practice is unacceptable in a democratic society…and is an alarm signal for Russian citizens.”

Moscow suggests US experts ask Russian scholars about religious freedom

Source : Sergey Borisov | RT
Moscow | 23 Nov 2010

The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Orthodox Church have rejected allegations in a US report of inequality of different faiths in Russia.

The US State Department cited in its 2010 Report on International Religious Freedom that “experts” complained about “the allegedly privileged status” of the Russian Orthodox Church. They also mentioned the “persecution” of religious sects in Russia.

At the same time, the authors of the report acknowledged “positive trends,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

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