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Egypt's leader signs constitution into law

Source : Agencies | 26 Dec 2012

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has signed into law first post-Mubarak constitution he says will help end political turmoil and allow him to focus on fixing the fragile economy.

Anxiety about the deepening economic crisis has gripped Egypt in past weeks, with many people rushing to take out their savings from banks and the government imposing new restrictions to reduce capital flight.

Egyptian Islamists plan mass protest ahead of constitution vote

By Reuters | 20 Dec 2012

Egyptian Islamist groups are planning a mass protest in Alexandria on Friday, a move that will raise tensions a day before the final stage of a referendum on a new constitution that has split the nation.

The rally announced by the Muslim Brotherhood responds to a violent confrontation between Islamists and their liberal and secular opponents in Egypt’s second city last week.

The tensions ended with a Muslim preacher besieged inside his mosque for 14 hours.

Pro-Mursi rally planned in Cairo

Source : Albawaba / 14 Dec 2012

Protests and Polarization in Egypt Ahead of Referendum

Source : Agencies | 12 Dec 2012

Early violence against opposition groups marked the day as Egyptians on both sides of the referendum controversy overtook the streets of Cairo Tuesday.

Tensions ran high after more than a dozen people were injured by masked gunmen who fired bird shot pellets and threw petrol bombs at protestors camping in Tahrir Square.

Egypt’s Mursi calls Dec. 15 referendum on new constitution

Source : Agencies | 03 Dec 2012

Assad regime stages sham referendum

By Agencies | Beirut/Amman | 27 Feb 2012

At least 31 Syrian civilians and soldiers were killed on Sunday in fighting over Syria’s future that coincided with a vote on a new constitution that could keep President Bashar Assad in power until 2028.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appealed to Syrians in the military and business who are still supporting Assad to abandon the embattled leader.

Clinton said at a news conference in Morocco on Sunday that she had a message for those holdout backers.

Assad sets Syria vote as violence continues

Source : Al Jazeera | 16 Feb 2012

Moroccan voters approve curbs on king's powers

Source : Agencies
Rabat | 02 Jul 2011

Morocco's King Mohammed scored a landslide victory in Friday's referendum on a new constitution he proposed to placate "Arab Spring" protests as voters defied critics who said it did little to curb his powers.

Taib Cherkaoui, the interior minister, announced shortly after the voting closed on Friday that the poll showed 98 per cent in favour of the changes, with 94 per cent of stations reporting.

Egyptians approve constitution changes in referendum

Source : Maggie Michael | AP
CAIRO | 21 Mar 2011

Egyptian voters overwhelmingly approved changes in the constitution, opening the way for parliamentary and presidential elections within months, according to final results from a landmark referendum announced Sunday. Opponents fear the swift timetable could boost the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood and members of the former ruling party.

Egyptians vote in historic reform referendum

Source : Reuters
Cairo : 19 Mar 2011

Egyptians began voting on Saturday in a referendum on constitutional amendments which the military rulers hope will open the door to elections within six months.

A high turnout is expected for the vote, the first in living memory whose outcome has not been known in advance.

The referendum has divided Egypt between those who say the constitution needs a complete rewrite and others who argue that the amendments will suffice for now.

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