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Is Israeli detention center for Africans a ‘prison’?

Source : AP | 24 Jun 2013

Hundreds of African migrants are languishing in a desert detention center in southern Israel, where families may only meet once a week and where women and children sleep in a prison-like compound, according to lawmakers who caught a rare glimpse.

The visit to Sahronim center by a parliamentary delegation has allowed a look into the facility that plays a key role in Israel’s attempt to stem the tide of thousands of African migrants who have crossed the long desert border with Egypt to the Jewish state in recent years.

Guantanamo Guards Fire 'Non-Lethal' Rounds at Hunger Strikers

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 15 Apr 2013

Guards at Guantanamo Bay fired four "non-lethal" rounds at prisoners on Saturday after attempting to force prisoners from communal cellblocks into isolated one-man cells—in an attempt to end an ongoing hunger strike in the secretive prison.

No "serious injuries" have been reported by military officials.

Gitmo Defense Lawyers Say Somebody Has Been Accessing Their Emails

By Cora Currier | ProPublica | 13 Apr 2013

The long-troubled military trials at Guantanamo Bay were hit by revelations earlier this year that a secret censor had the ability to cut off courtroom proceedings, and that there were listening devices disguised as smoke detectors in attorney-client meeting rooms.

4,500 Palestinian prisoners refuse food in protest

By Ben Hartman, Khaled Abu Tomeh | Jpost | 03 Apr 2013

Some 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails sent back their food on Wednesday morning as part of a protest launched following the death from cancer of a Palestinian inmate which the PA blamed on Israeli medical negligence.

Palestinian prisoners declared a three-day hunger strike on Tuesday following the death of 63-year-old Maissara Abu Hamdiyeh, a Hamas member who was serving a life term for his role in a thwarted 2002 terror plot to blow up a Jerusalem restaurant.

Palestinian detainee tortured to death in Israeli jail: Minister

By Agencies | 25 Feb 2013

A Palestinian prisoner who died in an Israeli jail was tortured to death, a Palestinian official charged on Sunday, dismissing Israeli accounts of an apparent heart attack.

Arafat Jaradat’s autopsy showed torture resulting from fractures in his body and bruises in his face, while his heart was in good condition, said Issa Qaraqaa, the minister in charge of prisoner affairs, citing a Palestinian doctor who took part in the autopsy.

“These results prove Israel killed him,” Qaraqaa told a news conference.

800 Palestinian Prisoners in 24-Hour Solidarity Hunger Strike

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 20 Feb 2013

800 Palestinian prisoners are taking part in a 24-hour hunger strike on Tuesday in solidarity with four fellow inmates who have been on hunger strike for months—including Samer Issawi, who has been on hunger strike for over 200 days and was told in court on Tuesday that he would have to stay in an Israeli prison for at least one more month without charge or trial.

Investigation Confirms Rampant Torture in Afghan Prisons

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 12 Feb 2013

The use of torture within prisons controlled by Afghan security forces trained by the US military is still rampant in the country, according to the results of a two-week "fact-finding mission" by an internal Afghan government commission.

The findings, released Monday, confirm a U.N. report released last month that exposed widespread abuses among Afghan forces.

UN Report Finds Torture, Disappearances in Afghan Jails

B Jon Queally | Agencies | 22 Jan 2013

As the war inside Afghanistan grinds on, a new UN survey shows that US- and NATO-backed Afghan security forces have been ruthless in their treatment of detainees with widespread reports of systematic torture, gross mistreatment and possible disappearances happening in the country's growing system of detention centers and prisons.

Children at Iraq prison ‘future time bomb’

Source : AFP | 22 Oct 2012

Some 21 children living with their mothers in a Baghdad women’s prison represent a potential “time bomb,” an Iraqi rights group warned on Sunday in a report that also noted claims of rape and torture.

The Hammurabi Humanitarian Organization, headed by former migration minister Pascal Wardeh, also detailed conditions at the women’s prison in Kadhimiyah, north Baghdad, in which some prisoners suffered physical assault.

Gaza hails anniversary of prisoner swap deal

Source : AFP | 19 Oct 2012

Hundreds of Hamas militants kicked off celebrations in Gaza yesterday to mark one year since Israel began freeing 1,027 prisoners in exchange for the release of one soldier.

In the first event of a day of celebrations, hundreds of armed and masked militants from the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement, marched through the city in a big show of force, an AFP correspondent said.

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