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Is Israeli detention center for Africans a ‘prison’?

Source : AP | 24 Jun 2013

Hundreds of African migrants are languishing in a desert detention center in southern Israel, where families may only meet once a week and where women and children sleep in a prison-like compound, according to lawmakers who caught a rare glimpse.

The visit to Sahronim center by a parliamentary delegation has allowed a look into the facility that plays a key role in Israel’s attempt to stem the tide of thousands of African migrants who have crossed the long desert border with Egypt to the Jewish state in recent years.

No difference between Israel prisons and Guantanamo, says ex-prisoner

Source : Agencies | 25 Jul 2012

Harun Mansur Nasruddin, a Palestinian ex-prisoner who was freed as part of the prisoner swap deal between Hamas and Israel, has said that there was no difference between Israel prisons and Abu Gharib or prisons in Guantanamo.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency correspondent on Tuesday, Nusruddin who was sent to Turkey after freed by Israel, said that it was extremely hard being kept as prisoner in his country by another state.

Iraq: Mass Arrests, Incommunicado Detentions

Source : HRW | Beirut | 15 May 2012

Iraq’s government has been carrying out mass arrests and unlawfully detaining people in the notorious Camp Honor prison facility in Baghdad’s Green Zone, based on numerous interviews with victims, witnesses, family members, and government officials. The government had claimed a year ago that it had closed the prison, where Human Rights Watch had documented rampant torture.

Afghan-US deal struck on prison control — officials

By Heidi Vogt | AP | Kabul | 09 Mar 2012<,/cite>

A last-minute agreement has been reached on how to handle the transfer of US detention facilities in Afghanistan to the Kabul government, Afghan and Western officials said Friday.

The issue — along with night raids by international forces in Afghan villages — has threatened to derail a long-term partnership between the two countries. They are in negotiations to formalize a role for US forces after NATO’s scheduled transfer of security responsibility to the Afghan government by the end of 2014.

U.S. super-sizing Afghan jail it promised to abandon

By Spencer Ackerman | Danger Room | Wired.com | 20 Feb 2012

There once was a plan to turn over the main U.S. detention center in Afghanistan to control of the Afghans in 2011. That’s out the window. Instead, the military is offering millions to vastly expand the center’s inmate intake.

Inside Romania's Secret CIA Prison

by Matt Apuzzo : AP | Washington / 08 Dec 2011

In northern Bucharest, in a busy residential neighborhood minutes from the center of Romania's capital city, is a secret that the Romanian government has tried for years to protect.

Taleban tunnel more than 480 out of Afghan prison

Source : Mirwais Khan & Heidi Vogt | AP
KANDAHAR : Afghanistan | 25 Apr 2011

While ground fighting eased during the long Afghan winter, insurgents in the former Taleban headquarters of Kandahar were apparently busy underground.

The Taleban say they spent more than five months building a 1,050-foot tunnel to the main prison in southern Afghanistan, bypassing government checkpoints, watch towers and concrete barriers topped with razor wire.

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