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Largest Babylonian tablet found on Turkish-Syrian border

Source : Anadolu Agency | 01 Nov 2013

What could be the largest discovered inscribed tablet (stele), dating to the reign of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II between 605-562 BC, has been discovered in the Turkish city of Karkamis on the military zone along the Turkey-Syria border.

Noting that the excavations sites are untroubled despite their proximity to the Syrian civil war, Dr. Nicola Marchetti said the Karkamis archeological museum is scheduled to open next year.

‘Pharoah’s Magicians’: Egypt’s TV puts a spell on you, warns Islamist preacher

By Eman El-Shenawi | Al Arabiya | 19 MAr 2013

We’ve heard of the jinx of the Sphinx, mystic curses from the lands of Ancient Egypt and the odd sprinkle of magic over all things mysterious.

But recent claims from a prominent Egyptian preacher have perhaps reached new heights.

Beware, viewers watching Egyptian satellite channels – warns preacher Safwat Hegazy – for you could be “watching Pharaoh’s spell” at work.

This week, Hegazy called on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip not to watch the channels because they were “Pharaoh’s magicians.”

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