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Anti-Islam rhetoric leads non-Muslim politician to embrace Islam after research

Source : IslamOnline | 03 Apr 2013

Islam is getting increasing acceptance with increase in the false propaganda against the faith as more and more non-Muslims are studying Islam to know the reality of Islam and once they understand Islam, they embrace it with complete sincerity. The same happened in an extraordinary personal and political transformation, a former senior member of Geert Wilders’ anti-immigrant Freedom Party (PVV) has converted to Islam – saying it was the party’s anti-Muslim rhetoric which led him to look more deeply into his new religion.

Second generation of Dutch Muslims becoming more religious

Source : Agencies | 08 Nov 2012

An increasing number of second generation Dutch Muslims are visiting the mosque at least once a week, according to research published by the goverment's socio-cultural policy unit SCP, DutchNews.nl said.

Between 1998 and 2011, the number of mosque-attending Moroccans rose from 9% to 33% while the number of Turks increased from 23% to 35%. Of the Turkish Netherlanders between the ages of 15 and 24 10% pray five times a day. For young Moroccan Netherlanders the percentage is 61%.

Bosnian Muslims sue Netherlands in European court

Source : Agencies | 12 Oct 2012

Relatives of Bosnian Muslims massacred in the town of Srebrenica sued the Netherlands on Thursday at the European Court of Human Rights over a Dutch court ruling that said the United Nations had immunity from prosecution.

Some 8,000 Muslim boys and men were killed by Serb forces in July 1995 in an area protected by Dutch UN peacekeepers that the United Nations had declared a "safe haven".

Exclusive: U.S. groups helped fund Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders

By Anthony Deutsch and Mark Hosenball | Reuters | 10 Sep 2012

Anti-Islam groups in America have provided financial support to Dutch politician Geert Wilders, an anti-immigration campaigner who is seeking re-election to the Dutch parliament this week.

While this is not illegal in the Netherlands, it sheds light on the international connections of Wilders, whose Freedom Party is the least transparent Dutch parliamentary group and a rallying point for Europe's far right.

Dutch Muslim Party (NMP) is Dissolved by Its Founders

Source : IslamToday | 26 Jun 2012

The Dutch Muslim Party (NMP) has folded because "the time is not ripe for a Muslim party in parliament."

Board members Henny Kreeft (pictured) and Jacques Visker have resigned, and dissolved the party.

The two men have decided that the Netherlands is not ready for a Muslim political party in parliament. Kreeft and Visker say the Dutch Muslim community is too politically divided.

Srebrenica victims win lawsuit against the Dutch

Source : Mike Corder | AP
THE HAGUE | 05 Jul 2011

The Netherlands is liable for the deaths of three Bosnian Muslim men slain by Serbs during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, appeals judges ruled in a civil suit Tuesday, ordering the Dutch government to compensate the men’s relatives.

Netherlands Home Affairs minister defends Halal lunches for Muslim police

Source | Islam Today
Gelderland | 08 Feb 2011

Police in The Netherland's Gelderland region can continue to hand out halal lunches to workers who don't want to eat pork products, home affairs minister Piet Hein Donner said on Tuesday.

MPs from Geert Wilders' anti-Islam PVV had called for the special lunches to be scrapped because they represented 'unacceptable Islamisation', the Telegraaf reported.

An increase in demand for vegetarian lunches did not mean the Netherlands is being 'vegetarianised', the minister said in response to the absurd allegation.

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