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US poll finds Muslims differ widely in religiosity

Source : Middle East Online | 10 Aug 2012

Fasting Muslim athletes face Olympic hurdle of Ramadan

By Stéphanie Trouillard | France24 | 17 Jul 2012

Hundreds of Muslim competitors at this summer’s Olympic Games are preparing to take on the tough challenge of winning gold while respecting the festival of Ramadan, which forbids them from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset.

Avoiding food and water for around 16 hours a day would not normally be in the training manual for any successful athlete. But hundreds of competitors at London 2012 are getting set to bid for gold while doing just that.

German circumcision ban unites religions

Source : Agencies | 13 Jul 2012

A German court's ban on circumcising baby boys has provoked a rare show of unity between Muslims, Jews and Christians who see it as a threat to religious freedom, while doctors warn it could increase health risks by forcing the practice underground.

European rabbis meeting in Berlin on Thursday promised to defy the ruling by a court in the city of Cologne last month. They plan further talks with Muslim and Christian leaders in Stuttgart next week to see how they can fight the ban together.

Jews, Muslims slam German circumcision ruling as assault on religion

Source : Agencies | 28 Jun 2012

Jews and Muslims are joining forces in outrage over a German court's decision that could prohibit parents from having their children circumcised for religious reasons. The court deemed the oft-religious procedure an act of "bodily harm" to children, according to German media reports.

Cambodia/Islam: Reaching out to Cham Muslims

A two-month donation drive by the New Straits Times Press Charity Organisation has helped alleviate the plight of Muslims in Cambodia, writes Kamarulzaman Salleh

Donors and sponsors of the Cambodia Humanitarian Programme can be proud that their contributions have helped to ease the plight of poor families following a visit by the New Straits Times Press Charity Organisation (“Badan Khairat NSTP”) to the impoverished nation.

NZ Muslims Want Place on World List

Source : OnIslam & News Agencies | Wellington | 01 Jan 2011

New Zealand's Muslims are pushing to include their rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams into the list of the world's 500 most influential Muslims to show the diversity of their community in the country.

"Sonny Bill Williams is probably the most famous Muslim in New Zealand and, in a Rugby World Cup year, has brought the faith to prominence," Javed Khan, senior vice-president of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, told Agence France-Presse on Sunday, January 1.

37 Hindus convert to Islam in Matli

By Sameer Mandhro : The Express Tribune | Karachi / 13 Dec 2011

On Saturday, 37 people from seven Hindu families converted to Islam in Matli. They claim that more families will be embracing the religion in the coming weeks.

Jews, Muslims hold world's largest dialogue

Source : Ynetnews / 23 Nov 2011

Thousands of Muslims and Jews across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa participated last weekend in The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding’s (FFEU) 4th annual Weekend of Twinning.

Since 2008, FFEU has organized hundreds of similar initiatives around the world in cooperation with the World Jewish Congress and the Islamic Society of North America.

Jews, Christians learn Islam

By : OnIslam & Newspapers | Cairo / 17 Oct 2011

Bringing followers of different faiths together, Muslims in the US state of Pennsylvania have invited Jews and Christians to know more about Islam and highlight commonalities between the three religions.

"Abraham had two sons," Lee Phillips, a member of the Zubaida Foundation, told the Philly Burbs local newspaper.

"One line became the Jews and Christians. The other line, the Muslims."

Muslim, Christian graves desecrated in Israeli city

By Douglas Hamilton : Reuters | Tel Aviv/Jaffa / 08 Oct 2011

Dozens of gravestones were desecrated at adjacent Muslim and Christian cemeteries overlooking the sea at Jaffa and a fire-bomb was thrown at a nearby synagogue, Saturday, Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

At least five tombs were smashed and some 20 others sprayed with Hebrew graffiti, including "Death to Arabs" and "Price Tag," a slogan used by militant Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank and their supporters.

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