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Muslims in Germany increasingly segregated

By Felix Strüning | Dispatch International | 10 Sep 2012

As their numbers grow, Muslims are becoming more religious and only 15 percent of German Turks feel at home in Germany

Macedonia: Muslims angry over carnival sketch mocking Islam

By Reuters | Skopje | 31 Jan 2012

Macedonia's president asked religious leaders on Tuesday to help calm tensions in an ethnically mixed region of the Balkan country where a local carnival sketch that mocked Islam has angered ethnic Albanian Muslims.

The January 13 Vevcani carnival, in which an Orthodox Christian man dressed as a Muslim cleric was mocked by others wearing burqas, sparked protests in the south-western Struga region, and late on Monday a church in the area was damaged by fire.

The cause of the blaze was not known.

How to Integrate Europe’s Muslims

By Jonathan Laurence | The New York Times | 23 Jan 2012

Two weeks ago, dozens of cars were set alight in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand after a 30-year-old truck driver, Wissam El-Yamni, was roughed up and then died while in police custody. The uproar underscored the hostility of young minority men toward authority across communities in Europe, an antipathy that has at times led to deadly violence.

Muslims as a Mirror: Germany's Unhealthy Obsession with Islam

Source : Rolf Schieder | Spiegel Online / 26 Aug 2011

Muslims in Germany have been accused of many things, from threatening the feminist cause to trying to destroy German society through "demographic jihad." It isn't the Muslims that are the problem, however, but rather our obsession with Islam.

Islam and Europe: an equal and opposite reaction

Source : Eric Walberg
Middle East Online | 20 Aug 2011

Are Vikings on the Terrorism Path?

Source : Ali Polosin | IslamDag
Moscow | 01 Aug 2011

Puppeteers Have Gone Too Far: ‘Authentic Aryan’ Mug instead of Osama’s Image

Norwegian ‘Raskolnikov’ surpassed his Dostoevsky’s prototype, not only in scale, but also in the absence of inner struggle such as: “Am I a trembling creature, or have I the right?” Everything is certain in advance and extremely straightforward: “I have!” If this ‘arbiter’ did no Third Reich salute with his right arm after firing, he made a major PR blunder: he is as ruthless to the enemies of his fantasy ‘Fourth Reich’.

Stop anti-Muslim rhetoric: Nobel Chairman

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers
Cairo | 01 Aug 2011

The Norwegian chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize has urged European leaders to stop using rhetoric that gives ammunition to far-right groups to fuel sentiments against Muslim immigrants, following the killing of dozens of civilians by a Christian fanatic in Norway.

"Political leaders have got to defend the fact that society has become more diverse,” Thorbjorn Jangland told the Guardian.

“We have to defend the reality, otherwise we are going to get into a mess.

Arab Spring not Islamist uprising, says Muslim intellectual

Leaders trying to establish regimes with values similar to the West, he argues

Source : Robert Sibley | Ottawa Citizen
OTTAWA | 18 Jul 2011

The future of the Arab Spring is "unpredictable," and, indeed, hopes for democracy in the region could be derailed if the political situation becomes too divisive, says a prominent Muslim intellectual. "It is a very difficult reality we have now in these countries (Egypt and Tunisia)," says Tariq Ramadan. "The polarization . could in fact stop the democratic process itself."

Muslims better integrated in Britain than many Christians

Source : Islam Today
Monday, 20 Jun 2011

According to the head of the British government's Equality and Human Rights Commission, Muslims are integrating into British society better than many Christians.

Commission chairman Trevor Phillips (pictured) accused Christians, particularly evangelicals, of being more militant than Muslims and more likely to complain about discrimination, arguing that many of the claims are motivated by a desire for greater political influence.

The slow death of multiculturalism in Europe

Source : Ibrahim Kalin | Today's Zaman
28 Oct 2010

Has multiculturalism run its course in Europe? If one takes a picture of certain European countries today and freezes it, that would be the logical conclusion.

The European right is thriving on anti-immigrant attitudes and is likely to continue to reap the benefits in the short term. But there are forces that are sure to keep multiculturalism alive whether we like it or not.

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