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Muhammad Mursi

Egypt's al-Sisi Drags the Country Closer to Civil War

By : Wadah Khanfar | HuffPost | 25 Jul 2013

The address which was delivered by the Egyptian minister of defense, Lt. General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, on the July 24 was, in effect, an official declaration of a civil war, an additional proof that the military coup against the elected Egyptian president was an act which was extremely miscalculated and poorly handled. Sisi, by his speech, put aside the civilian government facade he appointed and wanted to use as fig leaf, has exposed himself as the new pharaoh of Egypt.

The Egyptian coup and the fate of political Islam

By Imam Zaid Shakir | Al Jazeera | 20 Jul 2013

In his, Dictionary of Political Thought, the noted political philosopher, Roger Scruton, defines a coup d’etat as "a change in government by force resulting in a change of constitution, and brought about by those who already hold some form of power whether military or political. The institution of a coup thereby transforms the terms on which their office is held from a public trust into a private possession".

US gov't funded anti-Morsi activists: report

Source : Agencies | 11 Jul 2013

The U.S. government has been quietly funding anti-Muslim Brotherhood political activists in Egypt for the past few years, Al Jazeera reports in a story being touted as an exclusive.

The report comes just days after Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood-backed president Mohammed Morsi was ousted from office by the Egyptian army.

Timeline: The one-year rule of Egypt's Mursi

Source : AFP | 04 Jul 2013

Following are key dates in the one-year rule of ousted Egyptian president Mohammad Mursi.

His destitution by the Egyptian army followed widespread protests and ended an administration based on the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group.

-- 2012 --


- 30: Mursi, elected with 51.7 percent of the vote, is sworn in, becoming Egypt's first civilian and Islamist president.

Protesting Israel's Nuclear Hypocrisy, Egypt Walks Out of Failed Non-Proliferation Talks

By Jacob Chamberlain | 01 May 2013

Egypt ceremoniously walked out of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) talks in Geneva on Monday in protest of what it called a "lack of will" to implement a 1995 resolution for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons.

The diplomatic protest follows recent comments from an Egyptian official pointing out the hypocrisy of Israel's secretive and undeclared nuclear weapons program.

Egypt's Mursi fails to secure loan, grain from Russia

Russian officials said only that Moscow would consider the loan request and that it might increase grain supplies if its harvest reached the target level this year.
Source : Agencies | 20 Apr 2013

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi asked Russia on Friday for grain and a loan to help ease a deepening economic crisis but secured neither at talks with President Vladimir Putin.

Egyptian president visits India to boost cultural, trade and tourism ties

By Al Arabiya with Agencies | 19 Mar 2013

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi began his India visit with a ceremonial welcome at the presidential palace in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Mursi is leading a high-level delegation of business leaders and ministers, including the ministers of communications, information technology, trade, commerce and investment.

Bilateral trade between the countries has increased significantly in the recent years in spite of the political transition in Egypt and currently stands at USD 5.5 billion.

Protests Erupt in Egypt After Port Said Ruling

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 11 Mar 2013

Anger and unrest in the Egyptian city of Port Said exploded once again Saturday, following a mixed court verdict over last year's soccer stadium riots, which saw the death of over 70 fans.

Civil disobedience grips Cairo as protests rock the rest of Egypt

By Agencies | 25 Feb 2013

Protesters on Sunday blocked the doors to Cairo's main administrative building as part of a growing campaign of civil disobedience around the country against President Mohamed Mursi.

A group of protesters closed the doors of the Mugamma, a massive labyrinth of bureaucratic offices on the edge of Tahrir Square, leaving only a side exit for employees to leave, emploees told AFP.

Ahmadinejad: First Iranian leader to visit Cairo in more than 30 years

By Al Arabiya with Reuters | 05 Feb 2013

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Cairo Tuesday to attend the Islamic Solidarity Organization conference, a step that marks the first visit of an Iranian president to Egypt in 34 years.

President Mohamed Mursi kissed Ahmadinejad as he disembarked from his plane at Cairo airport, footage broadcast by Egyptian state television showed.

On the sidelines of the summit, Ahmadinejad will also meet Al Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmad el Tayyeb, head of Egypt’s leading Sunni Islamic institute.

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