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"I had five sons, now I have four": Syria's senior cleric pardons the rebels who killed his son

By Robert Fisk | The Independent | 24 Sept 2013


The Grand Mufti of Syria preaches a message of forgiveness

Majlis of Dagestani Ulama held in Makhachkala

By Jamal Fulani | Assalam | 08 Dec 2012

Meeting of Dagestani theologians was held last Saturday at `AbdulHamid Afandi mosque in Makhachkala. The Majlis of Ulama was attended by representatives of the Spiritual Administration of Dagestani Muslims, imams of mosques of cities and regions, also representatives from the Ministry for National Policy, Religious affairs and Foreign relations, and other government officials.

Bosnia elects new grand mufti

Source : Agencies | 25 Sep 2012

An Islamic council governing religious affairs in Bosnia-Herzegovina has elected Husein Kavazovic as the country's new Reis-ul Ulema, or grand mufti.

Kavazovic, the mufti of the northeast Tuzla city, was elected by the votes of 240 members of the 374-seat Islamic Union Council in Sunday's election at the Ghazi Husrev Bey Library in capital Sarajevo.

In the election, candidates Nusrat Abdibegovic from Travnik and Husein Smayic from Sarajevo got 69 and 45 votes, respectively.

Al-Azhar mufti demands withdrawal of Arab Peace Initiative

Source : Agencies | 16 Aug 2012

The Mufti of Al-Azhar University in Cairo has urged the leaders of the 57 Muslim-majority states meeting in Makkah to withdraw the Arab Peace Initiative in response to the latest Israeli aggression against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, reported on Memo news.

Mufti Ahmed Al-Tayyeb pointed out that "the pivotal issue of Palestine is known to be the origin of all problems" in the region.

Dagestani Mufti Ramadan message

Dear brothers and sisters!

Let me to congratulate all with the favorite month of the Muslims - the holy Ramadan!

Russian Muslim leader killed in attack

By Roman Kruchinin | Kazan | 20 Jul 2012

The Islamic leader of Russia’s main Muslim region of Tatarstan was wounded yesterday and another cleric killed in rare attacks in an oil-rich republic often praised for its religious tolerance.

The mufti of Tatarstan, Ildus Faizov, was wounded in a car explosion while his former deputy, Valiulla Yakupov, was shot dead in the strikes an hour apart as Muslims prepared to begin observing Ramadan at sundown.

Russia's Muslim leader wants less coverage of terrorism

Source : RIA Novosti
MOSCOW | 19 Jul 2011

Russian TV channels should broadcast less news about terrorism and extremism, the chief mufti of Russia, Talgat Tadzhuddin, said on Tuesday at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

"Once an explosion occurs somewhere, it is discussed every hour for at least two days," Tadzhuddin said. He suggested instead that media outlets pay more attention to "the lifestyle of the Russian peoples, their traditions and beliefs."

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