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Mohammed ElBaradei

Erdoğan says he refused to talk to Egypt's ElBaradei

Source : TodaysZaman | 19 Jul 2013

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said he refused to speak with Mohamed ElBaradei, who was installed as the Egyptian vice president in a cabinet formed by the military after a coup, saying his refusal was due to the fact that ElBaradei was brought to the post by a military junta.

Some media reports had recently said the Turkish prime minister rejected a request by ElBaradei for a meeting. Sources from Prime Ministry had denied the reports, saying, “We have no such information.”

ElBaradei gets behind new Egypt party

By Reuters | Cairo | 29 Apr 2012

Mohamed ElBaradei and other prominent Egyptians on Saturday launched a party which he said would one day govern the country, offering a new choice to voters seeking alternatives to Islamist parties that now dominate parliament.

Though ElBaradei pulled out of the race for Egyptian presidency in January, his role in the new Dustour Party shows the Nobel Peace Prize winner and political liberal still aims to play a leading role in the future of the country of 80 million.

ElBaradei says not to run for Egypt presidency

Source : AFP | Cairo | 15 Jan 2012

Ex-UN nuclear watchdog chief and Nobel peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei ended his candidacy for Egypt's presidency Saturday, saying he could not run because there is still no real democracy there.

"My conscience does not allow me to run for the presidency or any other official position unless there is real democracy," ElBaradei said in a statement received by AFP.

ElBaradei 'to run' for president

Source | Al Jazeera
Cairo | 11 Mar 2011

Mohammed ElBaradei, the Nobel laureate and former head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency, has said on a privately owned TV channel that he intends to run for president in Egypt's 2011 presidential election.

"When the door of presidential nominations opens, I intend to nominate myself," ElBaradei said on ONTV channel on Wednesday.

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