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Middle East

Tehran says United States sponsors terrorism in the Middle East

Source : Al Arabiya with Agencies | 01 Jun 2013

Slamming a U.S. State Department report linking Iran to a series of international terror attacks, Tehran on Friday said the United States backs terrorists in the Middle East.

“It should be mentioned that the U.S. government has no merit to label other nations of sponsoring terrorism as it has along ... record (of) supporting terrorist groups in our region as well as Israeli state terrorism,” Alireza Miryousefi, spokesman for Iran’s U.N. mission, told Reuters news agency.

Why is the West against the unification of Muslims?

Source : islam.ru | 22 May 2013

In his interview, Viacheslav Matuzov, the President of the Society of Friendship and Business Partnership with the Arab Countries, answers the complex question about the reasons of disunity of the Arab-Islamic world and the obstacles on the way of unification.

Arab Spring 2013: Revolutionary wave enters a third year

By Sharif Nashashibi | Al Arabiya | 02 Jan 2013

US needs rethink of Mideast peace plan, say experts

Source : AFP | 28 Nov 2012

The US administration must radically rethink ways to achieve a sustainable Israeli-Arab peace deal or risk seeing the goal of a two-state solution slip away, experts warned Monday.

New realities in the Middle East, including the changes wrought by the Arab Spring and the rise of the Palestinian group Hamas, meant the old ways of doing business had to be shelved, they told a Washington symposium.

Talks on Middle East nuclear free zone cancelled

By Arshad Mohammed | Reuters | 24 Nov 2012

Talks planned for next month on banning nuclear weapons in the Middle East will not take place, the United States said on Saturday, a development likely to anger Arab states but please Israel.

The State Department announced that the mid-December conference on creating a zone free of weapons of mass destruction, or WMD, would not occur and did not make clear when, or whether, it would take place.

Earlier this month, diplomats told Reuters that the talks were likely to be postponed, rather than canceled outright.

Ten Things You Need To Know About Gaza

By Mehdi Hasan | Huffington Post | 15 Nov 2012

As Palestinian militants in Gaza fire rockets into Israel and the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) bombard the Strip 'in retaliation', here are ten things you should probably know about Gaza:


Mursi urges US to change policy toward Arabs

Source : Agencies | 25 Sep 2012

Egypt President Muhammad Mursi has urged the US to change its approach to the Arab world to be able to repair relations and revitalize an alliance with Egypt.

In a media interview ahead of his visit to New York to take part in a meeting of the UN General Assembly, he said the US should not expect Egypt to live by its rules as the West, underscoring a cultural divide between the two nations.

Worldwide Distrust of US Intentions Follows 11 Years of War

Source : Agencies | 13 Sep 2012

"American influence on the world stage is being sapped by widespread distrust of US intentions, not just in the Middle East and south Asia but also among traditional European allies," according to the Guardian newspaper, citing a new survey performed by its media partner and global research company YouGov.

Expat population ‘could threaten’ GCC security

Source : Arab News | 11 Sep 2012

More than 12.5 million workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are foreigners, accounting for 31 percent of the 40 million GCC population, the latest official study said.

Three million foreigners are domestic workers in the six GCC member states.

The expatriate labor is not distributed in uniformly in these countries.

The Bomb and the Bomber

By Ari Shavit | The New York Times | 21 Mar 2012

If Iran goes nuclear it will change our world.

An Iranian atom bomb will force Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt to acquire their own atom bombs. Thus a multipolar nuclear arena will be established in the most volatile region on earth. Sooner or later, this unprecedented development will produce a nuclear event. The world we know will cease to be the world we know after Tehran, Riyadh, Cairo or Tel Aviv become the 21st century’s Hiroshima.

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