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Mawlidur Rasul

Makhachkala celebrates Prophet's birthday

By Jamal Fulani | Assalam | 25 Jan 2013

Mawlid Celebration at the central mosque in Makhachkala was packed with thousands of believers of all ages and social groups. All were united by a single faith in the Creator and with love for His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him).

The event began with a beautiful reading of the Holy Quran. And the Holy Speech of Allah spread throughout the mosque, covering trembling hearts of all attendees.

Dagestani Muslims celebrate Mawlid, the Prophet's birth

By Ibrahim Abdulaev : islamdag.info | Makhachkala | 06 Feb 2012

Muslims all over the world celebrate Mawlid an-Nabi, which marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. During the Mawlid celebrations which last for the whole month of Rabi` al-Awwal, a large number of people go to the mosques, pray to Allah until late night. Most of the mosques in Makhachkala, Dagestani capital celebrated mawlid on 4 February, joining the millions of celebrations worldwide.

On celebrating the Prophet's birthday [pbuh]

By Dr. Abdullah bin Bayyah | Translated by Suhaib Webb


The celebration of the birthday of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is an issue of controversy amongst the scholars. Thus, there were some who considered it a disliked innovation, a few even saying it reached the level of prohibition, and there were others who considered it a praiseworthy innovation.

Mawlid celebration in Russia

Every year Muslims in Russia celebrate birthday of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] showing their respect and honor for the Messenger of Islam.

In this video, Muslims in Dagestan gather to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] in village Chirkey, Russia.

Indonesian Embassy in Moscow celebrated birthday of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]

By Ibrahim Abdulaev
Moscow : 21 Feb 2011

(IslamDag) - Indonesian Embassy in Moscow gathered Indonesian Muslims living in Russia to celebrate birthday of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him].

The event was filled with recitations from Holy Quran, blessings on the Prophet, Islamic songs and performances by students of Indonesian School in Moscow (SIM) and Indonesian students in Russia, as well as religious lectures.

Honoring our Rasul, Peace and Blessings be upon Him

MAKHACHKALA : Dagestan | 15 Feb 2011

Mawlidur Rasul – a congregation of Muslims to honor the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] was held in Makhachkala after the evening prayer on 15 February.

Thousands of Muslims have attended the event which has become an annual celebration held on 12 Rabiul Awal in Juma Mosque, the largest mosque in Dagestan.

Seeking worthy, beneficial, valuable

Speech of honourable Shaykh Said-Afandi Al-Chirkawi at Mawlid in Chirkey on 24.04.2010

Many things could be mentioned, but hardly everything can be said completely. Sometimes it happens that a person commits suicide, stabbing knife or gun shot. After wounding himself, he still has time to repent (make tawbah) and his sin may be forgiven, if he regretted the incident and asked for forgiveness. But it also happens that a man commits suicide by hanging himself [leaving no chance for repentance].

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