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Medvedev thanks traditional religious leaders of North Caucasus for fight against radicals

Source | IslamDagInfo
Moscow | 22 Feb 2011

The president on Monday presented the Order of Courage to the families of Anas Pshikhachev, Kuramagomed Ramazanov, Ahmad Tagaev and Gadzhimurad Nurmagomedov, four North Caucasus clerics, killed by extremists.

Medvedev also said that he would like to thank the Muslim clergy of the North Caucasus "for their commitment to peace and inter-confessional accord in the region."

Honoring the Martyrs

Caucasus has always been famous for its heroes, their acts were admired, younger generations grew following their examples.

The most honorable place among these true heroes occupy Shaheeds - Martyrs, who died on the path of God, upholding the religion of Islam.

Such high award is received only by Allah's chosen.

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