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The Mystery of Macedonia’s Islamic Manuscripts

Source : Balkananalysis | 08 Jan 2014
In this intriguing new interview, Balkanalysis.com Director Chris Deliso gets the insights of Prof. Dr. Mesut Idriz, an expert on the subject who has done considerable research on the history, identity and preservation possibilities of Islamic manuscripts from Macedonia.

Four thousands hajj pilgrims from Balkans to travel to holy lands

Source : Anadolu Agency | 03 Oct 2012

3,700 people in total from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia will travel to the holy lands this year to become hadji.

Macedonia is the country that sends the highest number of Muslims to the holy lands this year.

While 2000 hajj pilgrims will travel to region from Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina is behind Macedonia with 1,200 people.

Macedonia: Muslims angry over carnival sketch mocking Islam

By Reuters | Skopje | 31 Jan 2012

Macedonia's president asked religious leaders on Tuesday to help calm tensions in an ethnically mixed region of the Balkan country where a local carnival sketch that mocked Islam has angered ethnic Albanian Muslims.

The January 13 Vevcani carnival, in which an Orthodox Christian man dressed as a Muslim cleric was mocked by others wearing burqas, sparked protests in the south-western Struga region, and late on Monday a church in the area was damaged by fire.

The cause of the blaze was not known.

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