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Latin America

Latina converts to Islam growing in number

Source : MuslimVillage | 19 Jul 213

For Zainab Ismail, a Bronx-born Hispanic woman, the turning point came in March 2009 after a wedding ceremony at a Catholic church.

“For some unknown reason, obviously now I know it was Allah–God–putting that thought and feeling in my heart, I no longer wanted to be Catholic. I didn’t know what I wanted to be but I no longer wanted to be Catholic,” Ismail recalls.

Less than three months later, Ismail embraced Islam and converted in June 2009.

Two Spanish-Language Islamic TV Channels to Broadcast in Spain & Latin America

Source : IslamToday | 22 Dec 2011

A new Islamic TV channel in the Spanish language starts broadcasting today December in Spain with a second Islamic station following a week later.

Hispan TV will be available in Spain and Latin America starting today. The station has Iranian backing. Following closely on its heels on 01 January 2012, the Saudi-backed Cordoba Television station will be launched, owned by the Foundation for the Message of Islam.

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