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Israel to announce more settlements in occupied land

Source : Agencies | 25 Oct 2013

Israel said on Thursday it would press ahead with plans to build in existing Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, in an apparent bid to appease hardliners opposed to peace talks with the Palestinians.

Local media said new building tenders could be announced next week, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in particular seeks to douse opposition from right-wingers in his government to a planned release of Palestinian prisoners.

Wajeeh Nuseibeh visits Dagestan

By Jamal Fulani | Assalam | 15 Feb 2013

On Wednesday, February 13, Dagestani journalists met with Custodian and Door-Keeper of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is located in Jerusalem. His name is Wajeeh Yacoub Nuseibeh and he is accompanied by his wife Wafa and daughter Nour Nuseibeh.

Israel planning unprecedented east Jerusalem building

By Associated Press | 28 Dec 2012

Israel is planning its biggest construction surge in east Jerusalem in decades in a move that critics argue would cement its grip on the contested territory, further complicate any prospects for peace with the Palestinians, and badly rattle Israel’s already rocky relations with the rest of the world.

Israel approves 1,500 new housing units in east Jerusalem

Source : Agencies | 18 Dec 2012

Romney declares Jerusalem as Israel's capital, talks tough against Iran

Source : Agencies | 30 Jul 2012

Vatican denies it will recognise Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem

Source : Agencies | 13 Jun 2012

The Vatican said on Tuesday that an economic agreement it is negotiating with Israel will not mean the de facto recognition of Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem.

The Vatican was responding to reports in Palestinian media that the deal, which involves tax status and other financial issues concerning Church properties in the Holy Land, would result in a recognition of Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem.

Israel pushes plan for 1,100 hotel rooms in East Jerusalem settlement

Source : Middle East Online | Jerusalem | 02 May 2012

Israel has approved a further stage in plans to build 1,100 new hotel rooms in a settlement neighbourhood of annexed east Jerusalem, Israeli officials confirmed on Tuesday.

The hotel rooms are slated for construction in Givat HaMatos, an as-yet unbuilt neighbourhood on the southern flank of east Jerusalem, near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

"The plans were presented to the Jerusalem district planning committee five years ago and approved for deposit then," interior ministry spokeswoman Efrat Orbach said.

Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli assault on East Jerusalem

By Arab News | New York | 25 Apr 2012

Saudi Arabia has expressed its deep concern over Israel's continuing assaults on East Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque and its attempts to destroy, burn and weaken the foundations of the mosque, the third holiest place of worship for Muslims.

“The Israeli occupation authorities have been continuing their abhorrent methods of displacement and expulsion of Palestinians, arbitrary detention, ill-treatment of prisoners and settlement building,” said Abdullah Al-Muallami, the Kingdom’s permanent representative to the United Nations.

Israeli forces fire on Palestinians

By Reuters | Jerusalem | 30 Mar 2012

Israeli security forces fired rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades to break up groups of Palestinian stone-throwers yesterday as annual Land Day rallies turned violent.

Medics in the Gaza Strip said the Israelis also used live fire to prevent protesters from nearing the frontier wall, seriously wounding one man.

'Global March to Jerusalem': Israel's borders on high alert as huge protests loom

By Lawahez Jabari | NBC News Producer | Ramallah | 30 Mar 2012

Palestinian organizers are calling for massive demonstrations on Friday to mark Land Day, an annual event that commemorates the killing of six Arabs who were protesting Israeli land policies on March 30, 1976.

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