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Israeli Attacks on Syria Escape Security Council Scrutiny

By Thalif Deen | IPS | 14 May 2013

UNITED NATIONS - Israel, which has launched three air strikes inside Syria since January this year, has escaped scrutiny or condemnation by a Security Council which remains sharply divided.

The continued air attacks have escalated tensions in the region and threatened a wider regional conflagration, according to reports from the Middle East.

Ignoring Risk of Regional Turmoil, Israel Launches Strikes in Syria

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 06 May 2013

In the second such incident this year, the Israeli government on Saturday confirmed it launched an airstrike inside Syria the day before.

The Associated Press reports:

Protesting Israel's Nuclear Hypocrisy, Egypt Walks Out of Failed Non-Proliferation Talks

By Jacob Chamberlain | 01 May 2013

Egypt ceremoniously walked out of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) talks in Geneva on Monday in protest of what it called a "lack of will" to implement a 1995 resolution for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons.

The diplomatic protest follows recent comments from an Egyptian official pointing out the hypocrisy of Israel's secretive and undeclared nuclear weapons program.

After More Than 200 Days on Hunger Strike, Palestinian Gains Freedom

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 24 Apr 2013

Close to death after more than eight months on hunger strike a Palestinian man held by Israel will end his self-imposed fast following an agreement that will see him released to his home in Jerusalem.

Samir al-Assawi, who has gone more than 200 days without food, was protesting the Israeli practice of "administrative detention" which allows for the holding of prisoners for extended periods without trial.

Israel to Urge Joint US Airstrikes against Syria

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 19 Mar 2013

An anonymous Israeli official has told the Guardian that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to use time during President Obama's upcoming Israel visit to gain U.S. support for possible military strikes against Syria.

‘We mean it,’ Israel’s Barak tells Iran on nuclear arms

By AFP | 04 Mar 2013

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Iran on Sunday that Israel would never allow Iranian leaders to develop a nuclear weapon, as he addressed a powerful US-Israel lobby.

“It is Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear capability which is the greatest challenge facing Israel, the region and the world today,” Barak told thousands of delegates at the opening of the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Head of Israel’s nuclear program has second laptop stolen

By Al Arabiya | 28 Feb 2013

The head of Israel’s nuclear program, who has top secret information, the highest security clearance and free access to the country’s most guarded sensitive sites, recently had his second laptop stolen, Israeli media reported Thursday.

The laptop was taken from Shaul Horev’s family home, a military censor kept the news of the theft from the Israeli public on Monday.

Palestinian detainee tortured to death in Israeli jail: Minister

By Agencies | 25 Feb 2013

A Palestinian prisoner who died in an Israeli jail was tortured to death, a Palestinian official charged on Sunday, dismissing Israeli accounts of an apparent heart attack.

Arafat Jaradat’s autopsy showed torture resulting from fractures in his body and bruises in his face, while his heart was in good condition, said Issa Qaraqaa, the minister in charge of prisoner affairs, citing a Palestinian doctor who took part in the autopsy.

“These results prove Israel killed him,” Qaraqaa told a news conference.

Photo of Palestinian child in sniper crosshairs triggers uproar

By Al Arabiya | 19 Feb 2013

A photograph appearing to show a Palestinian boy’s head in the crosshairs of a sniper, which an Israeli soldier posted on the social networking website Instagram, has sparked uproar online.

Mor Ostrovski, a soldier in the sniper unit, told the army he found the photograph on the internet, The Guardian newspaper reported Monday.

The 20-year-old has deleted his Instagram account.

Russia says concerned over Israeli air raids in Syria

By Al Arabiya with AFP | 31 Jan 2013

Russia said on Thursday it was very concerned about reports of an Israeli air attack deep inside Syria near its capital Damascus. Any action of such, if confirmed, would amount to unacceptable military interference in the war-ravaged country, the Russian foreign ministry said on Thursday.

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