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A narcissistic US, an anxious Saudi Arabia and a hysterical Israel

Source : Amal Saad-Ghorayeb | Al Jazeera | 03 Dec 2013

For far too long now, members of the Resistance Axis (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas) have been the objects of the West's psychopathologising gaze, as I have documented on my blog, ASG's Counter-Hegemony Unit. While the Syrian government has been pathologised as "delusional" and "detached from reality", Iran has similarly been anthromorphised and classified as an "irrational" actor whose foreign policy behaviour closely resembles a person suffering from Anti-Social Personality disorder.

Israel plans for 24,000 more settler homes

Source : Agencies | 13 Nov 2013

Israel is making plans to build nearly 24,000 more settler homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, an anti-settlement group said on Tuesday, questioning the government's commitment to peace talks with the Palestinians.

Peace Now, which monitors settlement activity on occupied land Palestinians seek for a state, said the Housing Ministry had issued tenders late last month for drawing up construction plans, but that no building work was imminent.

Lifting the veil of obscurity: Abdulhamid II, the issue of Palestine

By : Mahmut Aytekin | 23 Jul 2013

Is Israeli detention center for Africans a ‘prison’?

Source : AP | 24 Jun 2013

Hundreds of African migrants are languishing in a desert detention center in southern Israel, where families may only meet once a week and where women and children sleep in a prison-like compound, according to lawmakers who caught a rare glimpse.

The visit to Sahronim center by a parliamentary delegation has allowed a look into the facility that plays a key role in Israel’s attempt to stem the tide of thousands of African migrants who have crossed the long desert border with Egypt to the Jewish state in recent years.

US Congress Moves Toward Full Trade Embargo on Iran

By Jim Lobe | IPS | 24 May 2013

The U.S. Congress moved closer here Wednesday to imposing a full trade embargo against Iran and pledged its support to Israel if it felt compelled to attack Tehran’s nuclear program in self-defense.

The Senate voted 99-0 to adopt a resolution that urged President Barack Obama to fully enforce existing economic sanctions against Iran and to “provide diplomatic, military and economic support” to Israel “in its defense of its territory, people and existence”.

Turkey: No peace deal without Palestinian unity

Source : AFP | 18 May 2013

Stephen Hawking boycotts Israeli conference over occupation of Palestine

Source : Al Arabiya with Agencies | 08 May 2013

British cosmologist Stephen Hawking has pulled out of an Israeli conference, joining an academic boycott of Israel to protest against its occupation of Palestinian lands, Cambridge University said on Wednesday.

The wheelchair-bound Hawking, who has won international recognition for his work on black holes, had been due to speak at a prestigious meeting in June organized by Israeli President Shimon Peres that draws hundreds of leading world figures.

Israel, Turkey reach draft compensation deal for flotilla victims

Source : Al Arabiya with AFP | 07 May 2013

Compensation for the victims of a 2010 Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla has been agreed on in a draft agreement reached by Israel and Turkey on Monday.

The deal was reached between Turkish officials, headed by the deputy foreign minister, and Israeli government representatives during a meeting in Jerusalem.

US Lines Up $10b 'Major' Arms Deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE

By Jacob Chamberlain | 20 Apr 2013

The U.S. Defense Department will soon finalize a $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, supplying missiles, warplanes and other tools of war to the nations, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Israel’s apology to Turkey alters Mideast peace: Turkish PM

Source : Al Arabiya | 27 Mar 2013

Israel’s apology to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara event will lead to an altered balance in the Middle East peace process, said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in an address to lawmakers on Tuesday.

Israeli forces killed nine Turkish nationals aboard a vessel carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza in the 2010 incident.

A bilateral deal has been struck whereby Israel must cooperate alongside the Turkish government over the region’s peace process.

The move represents a more assertive stance for Turkey with regard to regional politics.

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