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Islamic economy

Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism

By Benedikt Koehler | IslamiCommentary | 01 May 2014

Arabs first made a name for themselves in business; their reputation for religious zeal came later. Arabs earned a reputation as long distance traders and risk investors long before the advent of Islam, and arguably the spread of Islam also was a breakthrough for capitalism and globalization. This is hardly surprising, considering Islam is the only world religion whose founder had a background in business and came from a long line of merchants.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) : The Economist

By Dr. Mansoor Durrani | The Economist | 27 Jan 2014

Business ethics in Islam

Source : Dawn Newspaper
22 Jul 2011

The term ‘business ethics’ refers to the behavior that a business organization is supposed to adhere to in its interaction with society, transactions with customers and in its internal affairs. The concept of business ethics is as old as business itself.

What is Islamic Finance?

Source : Mohammad Shafique | Global Trader
Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance | 19 Jul 2011

Islamic finance is similar to conventional finance in the sense it refers to facilitating pooling of financial resources and their investments, except that all the activities are undertaken in compliance with Shari’ah – commonly referred to as Islamic law. Shari’ah, literally means ‘path’ or ‘way’ to water source.

Jeddah to host major Islamic economic and finance conference: IDB official

Source : P. K. Abdul Ghafour & Sarah Abdullah | Arab News
JEDDAH | 23 Jun 2011

Finance, economy and planning ministers from 56 Muslim countries will attend a major Islamic economic and finance conference here next week, which is likely to be opened by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah at Jeddah Hilton on Monday.

World Bank declares Islamic finance a priority area

Source : Mushtak Parker | Arab News
Monday : 16 May 2011

The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB), the prudential and supervisory standard-setting organization for the global Islamic financial industry, embarked on a new phase of its development which may lead to a review of its mandate to facilitate a wider reach including those countries and organizations that are not currently members of the board.

Qatar to host Islamic economic conference

Source : P. K. Abdul Ghafour | Arab News
JEDDAH : 15 Apr 2011

Papers have been invited from experts for presentation at an international conference on Islamic economics and finance to be held in Doha on Dec. 18-20, 2011.

“Sustainable growth and inclusive economic development from an Islamic Perspective” is the main theme of the three-day event.

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