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Islam in America

‘Jihad Obsession’ Upsets US Muslims

Source : OnIslam | 25 Mar 2013

American Muslims see the new advertisements linking Jihad to violence and terrorism by Islamophobic blogger Pamela Geller reflecting her obsession with Islam and the sizable minority.

“What I’m troubled by is Miss Geller’s obsession and fascination with Islam and with American Muslims,” Linda Sarcour, a spokesperson for the National Network for Arab American Communities, told CNN in an interview.

Championed by Geller, new ads linking Jihad to violence and terrorism appeared on buses in San Francisco earlier this month.

DC historians dig up details of America’s earliest Muslims

By Julienne Gage | 24 Nov 2012

For most Muslims, what happens to the body of a deceased person is not quite as important as what happens to that person’s soul. Still, historians of all backgrounds are scrambling to locate the body and belongings of a Muslim buried in Washington, DC nearly 200 years ago, for it touches the soul of early American history.

Why Muslims hate America

By Qasim Rashid | Washington Post | 22 Sep 2012

As an American Muslim activist, I receive this question all too often: “America is about freedom, free speech, and democracy—why do Muslims hate us?” The question is not at all why they hate us, but why don’t we get it.

Many of age Americans remember Sept. 11, 2001—a day we justly cried out for freedom, free speech, and democracy. Fewer, however, remember Sept. 11, 1973 when America backed dictator Augusto Pinochet’s forces to overthrow and kill Chile’s democratically elected President Salvador Allende.

Vibrant Muslim community in Hawaii

By Abu Tariq Hijazi | 15 Sep 2012

Hawaii is the dreamland for holidaymakers. Annually thousands of tourists spend their winter in the comfortable climate of Hawaii which is like an earthen pot lying in the heart of Pacific Ocean. It is 2,300 miles from the US coast and 3,400 miles from the Asian coast of Japan.

In 1820 the first American missionaries came to preach Christianity and teach the Hawaiians Western ways. They succeeded converting many natives to Christianity. Now, there are thousands of Muslims living in Hawaii.

New poll finds Americans evenly divided in views of Muslims

By Omar Sacirbey | Religion News Service | 25 Aug 2012

Americans are almost evenly divided in how they view Muslims, according to a survey released Thursday (Aug. 23) by the Arab American Institute in Washington.

But the online survey, which also gauged views on Mormons, Jews, Catholics, evangelicals, Buddhists and Hindus also found a striking generational gap and significant differences between political groups.

Number of Muslims in US rising sharply

Source : Chicago Tribune | Chicago | 02 May 2012

American Muslims grew in number over the past decade, outnumbering Jews for the first time in most of the Midwest and part of the South, while most mainline churches lost adherents, according to a census of American religions released on Tuesday.

The number of Muslim adherents rose to 2.6 million in 2010 from 1 million in 2000, fueled by immigration and conversions, said Dale Jones, a researcher who worked on the study by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies.

Interfaith Coalition Opposes Minnesota Anti-Sharia Bill

Source : IslamToday | 06 Mar 2012

Interfaith leaders in Minnesota stood together and held a press conference on 5 March against a Senate bill they say discriminates against Muslims.

The bill prohibits drawing upon foreign law or Sharia Law in Minnesota Courts. At present, U.S. courts are regularly required to interpret foreign law, including Islamic law.

Iman Makram Elamin said this can include foreign divorces, custody decrees, marriage certificates, Islamic wills, or enforcement of money judgments.

NY Mosque Attacker Hates Muslims, Arabs

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers | Cairo | 06 Jan 2012

A Queens man charged in a series of attacks targeting a New York Islamic center and other homes has cited his hatred of “all Muslims and Arabs” as the main drive of his attacks.

In his first statements to police, defendant Ray Lazier Lengend said he “hated all the Muslims and Arabs because they were trying to take over his life. They have been doing it for forty years,” the New York Daily News reported on Thursday, January 5.

University installs ablution baths for Muslims

Source : BostonChannel | Boston / 29 Nov 2011

As the nation's Muslim population grows, so does debate over religious accommodation.

In Boston, one university has taken steps to help Muslim students maintain an important ritual: bathing before prayer.

At the center for English Language and Orientation at Boston University students come from all over the world to master English. The largest group is Muslims.

"We have to pray five times, and every five times we have to wash," said student Reeema Alashgar.

It's a ritual that includes washing the feet.

Report on Islamophobia in the U.S. raises some important questions

By Daniel S. Abdallah | Al Arabiya | New York / 28 Sept 2011

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