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Study: one in five UK veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan turn to alcohol

By Ian Drury | The Daily Mail/UK | 01 Mar 2014

Thousands of British servicemen and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are abusing alcohol to block out the horrors of war.

An authoritative study has found that as many as 33,000 members of the Armed Forces - around one in five - are drinking harmful levels of alcohol.

Troops who are deployed in direct combat on the battlefield had a higher risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with seven per cent reporting problems compared with four per cent among all regulars.

Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan agree on major energy pipeline

Source : Agencies | 06 Nnov 2013

Iraqi Kurdistan has finalised a comprehensive package of deals with Turkey to build multi-billion dollar oil and gas pipelines to ship the autonomous region's rich hydrocarbon reserves to world markets, sources involved in talks said on Wednesday.

The deals, which could have important geo-political consequences for the Middle East, could see Kurdistan export some 2 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil to world markets and at least 10 billion cubic metres per year of gas to Turkey.

Iraq’s Maliki discusses oil project with Russian company

Source : AFP | 01 Jul 2013

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki held talks in Moscow on Monday with the Russian oil company Lukoil about enacting an existing energy contract and possible participation in future deals, Lukoil said.

Lukoil said that Maliki and Iraqi Oil Minister Abdelkarim al-Luaybi met its chief executive, Vagit Alekperov, to discuss Lukoil’s participation in the West Qurna 2 oil field.

Lukoil and Norway’s Statoil won the right to develop a section of Qurna, one of Iraq’s largest oil fields, in 2009.

‘War on mosques’ rages in Iraq

Source : AFP | 21 May 2013

'Worse Than Syria.' Civil War in Iraq 'Has Already Started'?

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 04 May 2013

“It is wrong to say [Iraq is] getting close to a civil war... The civil war has already started.”

Ten Years After US Invasion, 'Politics of Death' Not 'Democracy' in Iraq

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 03 Apr 2013

Sold to the US public with noble promises of "liberation" and "democracy," the invasion of Iraq instead delivered what Agence France-Presse described on Tuesday as the "politics of death."

Sectarian violence and political assassinations have been on the rise ahead of upcoming elections and March, which also marked the tenth anniversary of the US bombardment and ground war, was the deadliest month since summer of last year.

Iraq, Afghan wars to cost U.S. up to $6 trillion: study

Source : AFP | 30 Mar 2013

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars will cost the United States between $4-6 trillion in the long term, constraining the government’s budget for decades to come, a study said.

Harvard University scholar Linda Bilmes concluded that the United States will face increasing costs to care for an estimated 2.5 million veterans, and to pay down debt incurred by borrowing to pay for the wars.

Iraq to stop more aircraft, vehicles bound for Syria

Source : AP | 30 Mar 2013

Iraq says it will stop more aircraft moving through its airspace and vehicles traveling overland to search for weapons being sent to the Syrian civil war, a senior Iraqi official said Friday.

Government spokesman Ali al-Moussawi said Iraq would conduct more random searches to check for weapons heading for the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad or rebels seeking to topple his regime.

In a telephone call to The Associated Press, al-Moussawi said Iraq refuses to be a “conduit for weapons for either side of the conflict.”

Arab Capital of Culture 2013: Baghdad seeks to regain lost luster

Source : Middle East Online | 25 Mar 2013

Baghdad was inaugurated as the 2013 Arab Capital of Culture on Saturday, the latest in a series of steps which officials hope will put Iraq back on the map after decades of conflict.

The ceremony marking the event was held under a massive tent in the Iraqi capital's Zawraa Park, and featured a choir singing songs and a performance by renowned Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma, as well as speeches by senior Iraqi politicians and Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi.

Bombs in Iraq Kill Dozens, Injure Scores on Ten Year Anniversary of US Invasion

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 20 Mar 2013

At least 56 people were reported killed across Baghdad on Tuesday in a series of bombings that coincide with the ten year anniversary of the US bombing campaign known as "shock and awe" and the subsequent US-led ground invasion.

The bombings, which targeted Shia neighborhoods and establishments, also injured nearly 100 other people.

Al-Jazeera reports:

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