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hunger strike

After More Than 200 Days on Hunger Strike, Palestinian Gains Freedom

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 24 Apr 2013

Close to death after more than eight months on hunger strike a Palestinian man held by Israel will end his self-imposed fast following an agreement that will see him released to his home in Jerusalem.

Samir al-Assawi, who has gone more than 200 days without food, was protesting the Israeli practice of "administrative detention" which allows for the holding of prisoners for extended periods without trial.

Guantanamo Guards Fire 'Non-Lethal' Rounds at Hunger Strikers

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 15 Apr 2013

Guards at Guantanamo Bay fired four "non-lethal" rounds at prisoners on Saturday after attempting to force prisoners from communal cellblocks into isolated one-man cells—in an attempt to end an ongoing hunger strike in the secretive prison.

No "serious injuries" have been reported by military officials.

4,500 Palestinian prisoners refuse food in protest

By Ben Hartman, Khaled Abu Tomeh | Jpost | 03 Apr 2013

Some 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails sent back their food on Wednesday morning as part of a protest launched following the death from cancer of a Palestinian inmate which the PA blamed on Israeli medical negligence.

Palestinian prisoners declared a three-day hunger strike on Tuesday following the death of 63-year-old Maissara Abu Hamdiyeh, a Hamas member who was serving a life term for his role in a thwarted 2002 terror plot to blow up a Jerusalem restaurant.

800 Palestinian Prisoners in 24-Hour Solidarity Hunger Strike

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 20 Feb 2013

800 Palestinian prisoners are taking part in a 24-hour hunger strike on Tuesday in solidarity with four fellow inmates who have been on hunger strike for months—including Samer Issawi, who has been on hunger strike for over 200 days and was told in court on Tuesday that he would have to stay in an Israeli prison for at least one more month without charge or trial.

Media Silence Criticized as Palestinian Hunger Strikers Verge on Death

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 15 Feb 2013

A Palestinian prisoner in Israel, who has been on hunger strike for over 200 days, has sparked international outrage in support of his cause, despite a consistent lack in reporting from corporate media, most notably the Associated Press.

Now on his 204 day without food, prisoner Samer Issawi, 33, is reportedly refusing water and nearing death.

Tunisia govt faces dilemma over Islamist hunger strikes

By AFP | 21 Nov 2012

The death of two detained Salafists on hunger strike has caused a dilemma for the Tunisian government, which is under pressure to rein in the radical Islamists but is also accused of killing the two protesters.

The dilemma is only likely to worsen, with more than 100 people in detention now refusing food until they are released -- Salafists as well as common criminals -- raising the possibility of more "martyrs" in the near future.

3 Years w/out Charge, 90 Days w/out Food: Palestinian Hunger Striker Released by Israeli

Source : Ma’an | Gaza | 11 Jul 2012

Former hunger-striker Mahmoud al-Sarsak arrived on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip after being released from Israeli custody.

Relatives gathered at the Palestinian side of the Israeli Erez crossing in northern Gaza to welcome the freed prisoner, who refused food in Israeli jail for over 90 days to protest his imprisonment without charge.

Israeli jailed soldier joins Palestinian hunger strikers

Source : Xinhuanet | 18 Jun 2012

An Israeli soldier, jailed for refusing to perform mandatory reserve service, went on a hunger strike on Sunday, joining the Palestinian prisoners in the Jewish country fasting to protest their detaining conditions.

Yaniv Mazor, a 31-year-old Israeli, was sentenced to imprisonment last week after deciding not to continue the mandatory reserve service in protest against Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Thousands of Palestinians Mark 'Day of Catastrophe', Hunger Strike Victory

By Abbas Momani | AFP | 16 May 2012

Israeli forces faced off with Palestinian stone-throwers in the West Bank on Tuesday during the annual Nakba Day protests over the "catastrophe" that befell the Palestinians in 1948.

At Beitunia checkpoint near Ramallah, youths hurled stones at troops, who fired tear gas, metal pellets and rubber bullets in a bid to break up the demonstration, an AFP correspondent said.

Many protesters could be seen with blood on their faces as they waved black flags and roared angry slogans.

Egypt brokers Palestinian hunger strike deal

By Nidal Al-Mughrabi | Reuters | Gaza | 14 May 2012

Egypt has brokered a deal aimed at ending a hunger strike by 1,600 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, a Palestinian source close to the negotiations said on Monday.

One in three of the 4,800 Palestinians serving time in Israeli jails began refusing food on April 17 in protest against detention without trial and to demand better conditions like an increase in family visits and ending solitary confinement.

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