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Organic Halal Meats Get Muslims Thinking about what it Really Means to eat Religiously

By : Carol Kuruvilla | Huffington Post | 10 Oct 2014

The Prophet Muhammad advised his followers to treat animals with kindness and, if needed, kill them mercifully for food. And he didn’t mince words.

“Whoever kills a sparrow or anything bigger than that without a just cause, Allah will hold him accountable on the Day of Judgment,” the Prophet reportedly said.

Remembering these instructions, New York farmer Zaid Kurdieh says much of the meat that brands itself as halal, or religiously permissible, is nothing but a sham.

For Kurdieh, if it’s not organic, it’s not halal.

Muslims in Korea want more mosques and halal food

Source : Agencies | 25 Oct 2013

More mosques and halal restaurants and a better understanding of Islam are needed in South Korea to encourage Middle East students to study there, a survey has revealed.

Park Hyeon-uk, a member of El Naafidha College’s student group for Middle East studies, said the survey of Arab students in Korea reflected the challenges many of them faced, reported the National.

“Islam is part of their everyday life and many felt there was little in the way of halal food and too few mosques,” Mr Park said.

Halal slaughtering has great role in preventing infectious diseases, says expert

Source : MENAFN Press | 25 Jul 2013

The rising acceptance of halal meat due to its scientific and hygienic slaughtering and processing methods is spicing up the US$ 600 billion global halal meat market impressively.

Studies have shown that halal slaughter protects consumers from many diseases which are not possible in the conventional methods used in many countries.

Halal food production on rise in the crisis-hit Balkans

Source : AFP | 21 May 2013

First international fair of halal industry in Sarajevo in May

Source : Sarajevo Times | 06 Apr 2013

First fair of halal industry “Sahaf” will be held in Sarajevo from 15-17 May. It will gather representatives from this industry from the countries in Southeast Europe and throughout the world.

Member of the supervisory board of “Sahaf” Amel Kovačević said that the goal of the fair is to promote halal products and services to consumers in the region, and to create a business opportunity to the halal industry in traditional halal markets around the world.

Halal Standard Committee organizes Dagestan Halal Expo

By Jamal Fulani | islam.ru | 02 Apr 2013

Japan Strives for Halal Share

Source : IslamOnline | 25 Mar 2013

Gearing up for an expected rise in Muslim population, Japanese companies and restaurants are renovating factories to get a bigger share of the halal pie.

“Halal is a passport to Islamic countries,” Akmal Abu Hassan, 43, a Malaysian living in Japan, was quoted by the Malaysia Star on Sunday, March 24.“(Islamic countries are) a promising future market. This is a good opportunity (to develop halal products).”

Over the past few years, many Japanese companies have been scrambling to get authentication to produce halal products.

Global Tourism Gets Halal Boom

Source : OnIslam | 30 Jul 2012

France's Muslims hit back at Nicolas Sarkozy's policy on halal meat

Source : Guardian/UK | 12 Mar 2012

Les Enfants Terribles, a chic restaurant in Paris's 12th arrondissement, was packed. Plates of halal foie gras à la maison, halal braised lamb with rosemary, and halal caramelised duck were being dispatched to tables. Fresh fruit cocktails and exotic non-alcoholic concoctions replaced glasses of wine.

Muslims used as ‘scapegoats’ in French vote: Muslim Council

By AFP | Paris | 06 Mar 2012

The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) on Tuesday slammed the use of Muslims as “scapegoats” in the French election campaign in which Halal slaughter has become a hot-button issue.

The statement came a day after Prime Minister Francois Fillon urged Muslims and Jews to consider scrapping their “outdated” Halal and kosher slaughter rules.

The CFCM, asked about Fillon’s comment on Halal, said it “does not accept that Islam and Muslims be used as scapegoats in this (election) campaign”.

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