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Vital Gaza Tunnels Flooded by Egyptian Forces

Source : Agencies | 14 Feb 2013

Egyptian forces flooded a series of tunnels used to bring goods into the blockaded Gaza Strip through the Egyptian/Gaza border, officials stated Wednesday.

The tunnels account for an estimated 30 percent of all goods brought into Gaza, such as cement and gravel, due to an over seven-year goods blockade imposed by Israel.

Malaysian PM on solidarity trip to Gaza

By AFP | 23 Jan 2013

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak pledged solidarity with the Palestinians on his first trip to Gaza on Tuesday, throwing his support behind reconciliation efforts between Hamas and Fatah.

Najib, who entered via the Rafah crossing from Egypt with Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and other officials, was met by Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya.

Speaking shortly after his arrival, Najib said his visit was intended “to show solidarity and our support for the struggle of the Palestinian people.”

Thousands attend rare West Bank Hamas rally

By AFP | 14 Dec 2012

Thousands of Palestinians attended a rare Hamas rally in the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Thursday, celebrating the group’s “victory” over Israel in Gaza.

The rally is the first time that the West Bank’s ruling Palestinian Authority -- which is dominated by the Fatah faction, Hamas’s bitter rival -- have allowed such a gathering since 2007.

An AFP correspondent said at least 5,000 people were taking part in the celebration, which also marks 25 years since the establishment of the Islamist group.

After Deadly Siege in Gaza, US to Restock Israeli Munitions

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 13 Dec 2012

The U.S. Department of Defense stated this week that it will now replenish all of the munitions used by Israel in its recent eight day siege on Gaza, which lead to the deaths of over 180 Palestinians and hundreds of injuries—a large portion being children.

Hamas leader Meshaal in Palestine after 45 year-exile

Source : Agencies | 07 Dec 2012

The Hamas political bureau chairman visited Gaza for the first time after 45 year-exile.

Khaled Mashal entered Gaza from Egypt at the Rafah border crossing under tight security measures.

As soon as he entered Gaza, Mashal groveled and kissed the ground.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh welcomed Mashal who had not been allowed to enter Gaza via Egypt during the term of ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.

Gaza’s children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

By Reuters | 29 Nov 2012

The repeated exposure to violence has left many of Gaza’s children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Children, who account for more than half of the 1.7 million people in Gaza, have been back to school, but there is still a long way for them to be back to normal.

These children, who have lived through two wars with Israel, are still coming to terms with what happened during Israel’s week-long bombardment of Gaza.

Saad Hasanat, 13, who lost six of his cousins, said the memory of seeing their bodies still haunts him.

Prophet Muhammad's Rules of War

By Qasim Rashid | 27 Nov 2012

As the volatility between Israel and Gaza continues to transform, one constant remains: rising "collateral damage." Unrest in Israel traces back six decades but the concept of collateral damage stretches back several millennia. And while in modern times we are allegedly "more civilized," 11-month-old Omar Masharawi's funeral, three dead Israelis, and a horrifying 120 killed Palestinians, tell a different story.

Piles of rubble: Gazans rebuild following Israel ceasefire

By Associated Press | 26 Nov 2012

Thousands of home owners and businessmen in the Gaza Strip are hoping to rebuild houses, shops and factories which were reduced to piles of rubble during eight days of Israeli air raids.

Forty-eight hours after a ceasefire came into effect, and despite torrential rains, many ruined buildings were still smoldering when Hamas official Dr. Mahmoud Zahar toured bomb sites in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City.

Russia sends ships to Gaza coast in preparation for violence escalation

By Agencies | 24 Nov 2012

Russian warships anchored off the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea to prepare the evacuation of Russians in the area, should the conflict in Gaza escalate, The Voice of Russia quoted a Russian Navy Command source on Friday.

Gaza people’s willpower defeats Israel’s deterrence strategy: Palestinian writer

By Al Arabiya | 21 Nov 2012

The determination of people in Gaza has defeated Israel’s long-followed strategy of deterrence, a prominent Palestinian journalist wrote in a U.S. newspaper Tuesday.

Daoud Kuttab, also former professor of journalism at Princeton University, argued against “the idea is that if Gazans feel enough pain, they will refrain from attacking Israel,” in his op-ed piece for The Los Angeles Times.

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