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fighting terrorism

Decade of US 'War on Terror' Yields More 'Terrorism'

Source : Agencies | 05 Dec 2012

After more than eleven years of the US waging wars abroad in the name of "fighting terrorism" a new report released Tuesday shows that the number of global terror attacks has dramatically increased during the post-9/11 era, not decreased.

Terror Drill Infuriates India Muslims

Source : OnIslam | 10 Sep 2012

A recent anti-terror drill has infuriated Indian Muslim and Hindu activists after portraying Muslims as terrorists who rejected these portrayals which stereotype and stigmatize the whole Muslim community.

"Whoever is harming the country should be labeled terrorists,” Imam Qari Khaleeque Ahmed of Jama Masjid told Times of India on Sunday, September 9.

“But one should not insult the sentiments of Muslim community only," he said.

Muslim Scholars Meet in Russia on Radicalism

By Ruslan Kurbanov | OnIslam | Moscow | 23 May 2012

A host of Muslim scholars and religious leaders will gather in the Russian capital this week to issue a fatwa condemning radicalization and extremism.

In a conference themed "Islamic Doctrine Against Radicalism", about 50 Russian muftis and imams and nearly 40 prominent Muslim scholars and thinkers will meet in Moscow on May 25.

The two-day conference is organized by International Center “al-Wasatya” (Kuwait), Scientific-Educational Center (Russia) and the International Union for Muslim Scholars.

Tag Mehir, The Israeli Jewish Terrorist Organization. A price tag that is too high.

By Dr Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin | Family Security Matters | 22 Dec 2011

As an Israeli Jewish psychoanalyst with a doctorate on Islam, I feel I have a moral responsibility and obligation to denounce the recent upsurge in Israeli Jewish violence committed by Tag Mehir (lit. Price Tag) against Israeli Muslims and especially the torching of their mosques and the destruction of their property. This has motivated me to share some thoughts and observations and hopefully a few possible solutions.

By Age Three the Personality is Formed to Hate

Al Qaeda plays big role in Russia's insurgency - report

By Amie Ferris-Rotman : Reuters | Moscow / 30 Sept 2011

Al Qaeda is providing Russia's Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus with increasing amounts of money and vocal support, according to a lengthy report by a prominent Washington think tank.

The mainly Muslim regions along Russia's southern frontier are beset by near-daily shootings and bombings, carried out by rebels fighting for a separate Islamic state in an insurgency underpinned by two post-Soviet wars in Chechnya.

10 Winners and 10 Losers of 9/11

By Christian Caryl : RFE/RL | Prague / 08 Sept 2011

While it's clearly an oversimplification, we couldn't allow this anniversary to pass without offering our own list of "winners & losers" in the decade since 9/11 and the accompanying "war on terror."


1. The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex

Russia's Muslim leader wants less coverage of terrorism

Source : RIA Novosti
MOSCOW | 19 Jul 2011

Russian TV channels should broadcast less news about terrorism and extremism, the chief mufti of Russia, Talgat Tadzhuddin, said on Tuesday at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

"Once an explosion occurs somewhere, it is discussed every hour for at least two days," Tadzhuddin said. He suggested instead that media outlets pay more attention to "the lifestyle of the Russian peoples, their traditions and beliefs."

'Ex-terrorist' rakes in homeland security bucks

Source : CNN Special Investigations Unit
Rapid City : South Dakota | 14 Jul 2011

Walid Shoebat had a blunt message for the roughly 300 South Dakota police officers and sheriff's deputies who gathered to hear him warn about the dangers of Islamic radicalism.

Terrorism and Islam are inseparable, he tells them. All U.S. mosques should be under scrutiny.

"All Islamic organizations in America should be the No. 1 enemy. All of them," he says.

Riyadh, Islamabad join hands to fight terror

Source : Syed Faisal Ali | Arab News
JEDDAH | 02 Jul 2011

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are working on a mechanism to jointly fight terrorism, Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said here on Saturday.

“Terrorism is our common enemy and we want to eradicate it from the face of the earth. The enemies of the Kingdom are our enemies too. We are working to put in place an effective mechanism to fight them,” Malik said.

Pakistan always believed in the wisdom of the Saudi leadership and looks to it for guidance and support, he said.

Iran accuses West of sponsoring terrorism

Source : Mitra Amiri | Reuters
TEHRAN : 25 Jun 2011

Iran, long labeled by the US as a supporter of terrorism, accused the West on Saturday of being the main sponsor of political violence against civilians.

Speaking during the International Conference on Global Fight Against Terrorism in the Iranian capital, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told delegates who included the leaders of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan — the main battlefields for the US “war on terrorism” — that Washington, Israel and Europe were the worst culprits.

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