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Europe's spies work together on mass surveillance

Source : Agencies | 02 Nov 2013

Spy agencies across Western Europe are working together on mass surveillance of Internet and phone traffic comparable to programmes run by their U.S. counterpart denounced by European governments, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported on Saturday.

Citing documents leaked by fugitive former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, the Guardian said methods included tapping into fibre optic cables and working covertly with private telecommunications companies.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes still in high levels: FBI

Source : Agencies | 13 Dec 2012

Hate crimes against perceived Muslims, which jumped up 50% in 2010 largely as a result of anti-Muslim propagandizing, remained at relatively high levels last year, according to 2011 hate crime statistics released today by the FBI.

The bureau reported that there were 157 reported anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2011, down slightly from the 160 recorded in 2010. The 2011 crimes occurred during a period when Islam-bashing propaganda, which initially took off in 2010, continued apace, reported SPLC.

Powers Designed for 'Terrorists' Entangle US Top Brass

Source : Agencies | 14 Nov 2012

U.S targets Muslims for expressing political views

Source : Agencies | 18 Sep 2012

U.S Justice Department continues to criminalize what is clearly protected political speech by prosecuting numerous Muslims for disseminating political views the government dislikes or considers threatening.

The latest episode emerged on Friday, when the FBI announced the arrest and indictment of Jubair Ahmad, a 24-year-old Pakistani legal resident living in Virginia, charged with “providing material support” to a designated Terrorist organization (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LeT)).

FBI Islamic training materials gave OK to infringe on targets' civil rights

Source : The Guardian | 29 Mar 2012

Training materials used by the FBI for dealing with American Muslims and other Islamic communities have advised agents they can break the law and impinge on some of their targets' civil rights.

The instructions were contained in confidential materials reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of an internal FBI probe into what sort of training agents were exposed to when dealing with Islam.

New evidence of anti-Islam bias underscores deep challenges for FBI’s reform pledge

By Spencer Ackerman | Wired.com / Washington / September 23, 2011

Following months of denials, the FBI is now promising a “comprehensive review of all training and reference materials” after Danger Room revealed a series of Bureau presentations that tarred average Muslims as “radical” and “violent.”

FBI accused of violating Muslims’ rights at mosque

LOS ANGELES | 23 Feb 2011

Two civil liberties groups have sued the FBI, claiming that one of the agency’s former informants was ordered to target Muslims for surveillance when he infiltrated a California mosque.

The ACLU of Southern California and the Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed the lawsuit Tuesday in federal court, the Washington Post reported.

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