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Freedom fatwa? Saudi cleric says women don’t need to veil, can travel alone

By Al Arabiya | 01 Mar 2013

An influential Saudi cleric has issued a religious edict, commonly known as Fatwa, allowing women to travel without a male guardian, uncover their faces and eat alongside men.

In statements posted on Twitter, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Qassim al-Ghamdi, the former head of Mecca's Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice committee, said: “It is permissible for people to look at what is not forbidden in women like their faces and their arms.”

Lebanon’s top cleric issues fatwa against civil marriage

By AFP | 31 Jan 2013

Lebanon’s top Sunni Muslim authority on Monday issued a fatwa against moves to legalize civil marriages inside the country, where couples of different faiths have to travel abroad to tie the knot.

The religious edict came a day after President Michel Sleiman tweeted that he would remain steadfast in supporting such unions, while Prime Minister Najib Mikati wrote on his Twitter account that a consensus was required to address the issue.

Fatwa Issuance Unites ASEAN Muslims

Source : OnIslam & News Agencies / 23 Jan 2013

Muslim scholars have joined hands to form a committee to unify the issuance of fatwas (religious edicts) to serve the interest of Muslims across Southeast Asia.

"For a start, we are going to streamline the deliberation process of issuing a fatwa at the regional level," Muhyiddin Junaidi, head of the international relations divisions of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI), told Khabar Southeast Asia.

Dagestan - Dar al-Salam -- fatwa by Shaykh Ali al-Qaradaghi

Fatwa on the applicability of the term dar as-silm wal-islam ("the territory of peace and Islam") for Dagestan and similar territories.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate!

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds! Blessings and greetings to the Messenger who is sent as mercy for the worlds, his family and all his companions.

Muslim Scholars issue fetwas on Syria conflict

Source : Agencies | Istanbul | 04 Jul 2012

Conference of Islamic Ummah supporting Syrian people ends in Istanbul

A "Conference of Islamic Ummah supporting the Syrian people" organized by the Union of World Muslim Scholars and Union of Syrian Scholars ended in Istanbul on Tuesday.

At the end of the conference held at the Cevahir Hotel, Secretary General of the Union of World Muslim Scholars Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Karadagi read a declaration involving five fatwas in the Arabic language.

"Russian Ijmaa" on Jihad and Ideological Split of Muslim Community

By Dr. Ruslan Kurbanov | IslamiCity | 15 Jun 2012

Last week of May a whole cascade of revolutionary events has fallen upon Moscow. All of them have happened on the first in the Russian history International Theological Conference "Islamic doctrine against radicalism" or immediately after it. This Conference has taken place on May 25-26 in Moscow hotel "Ritz-Carlton".

Abstaining Algerian voters warned: God will punish you

Source : Arab News | Algiers | 26 Apr 2012

A prominent Muslim cleric in Algeria has issued a religious decree saying God will punish anyone who does not vote in a May 10 parliamentary election, a warning aimed at the large numbers planning to abstain from a vote they view as irrelevant.

Algeria’s authorities, under pressure to reform after last year’s “Arab Spring” revolts in neighboring countries, say the vote will be more free and transparent than ever before. This though is met with skepticism by many ordinary Algerians.

The Fatwa concerning the permissibility of marrying women of the Book

According to the Shafi’i madhab

Expert calls for new fatwa on brain dead

Source : Siraj Wahab | Arab News
AL-HASA | 29 Sep 2010

A leading Saudi medical expert, known in the global scientific community for his pioneering research in cardiology, has called on the Kingdom’s Islamic scholars to revise their ruling on terminating the life of a person who is “clinically dead” or “brain dead.”

“As long as a patient's heart is beating there is no reason for us to take him or her off the ventilator,” said Dr. Abdullah A. Abdulgader, director of the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Al-Hasa.

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