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Iranian cleric says women can’t be president

Source : Agencies | 18 May 2013

Syrian National Coalition elects Ghassan Hitto as provisional premier

By Al Arabiya with Agencies | 19 Mar 2013

Syrian opposition coalition members on Tuesday elected former businessman Ghassan Hitto as provisional prime minister in a meeting in Istanbul.

Hitto , who will now be in charge of forming a government to fill a power vacuum in Syria, won 35 out of 48 votes, according to comments made by coalition members after the vote.

“I give great thanks to the heroes and revolutionaries of the Syrian people. We are with you,” Hitto told coalition members in brief remarks after he was named.

Thwarting Election Hopes, Ousted Maldives President and Climate Champion Mohamed Nasheed Arrested

By Lauren McCauley | 06 Mar 2013

Mohamed Nasheed, former Maldives president and respected environment and human rights campaigner, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for missing a previous court order, thwarting hopes of partaking in upcoming presidential elections.

Libyans long for security year after Qaddafi killed

Source : AFP | 16 Oct 2012

Libya took a major step toward democracy this year by holding its first free elections but success has been marred by rising extremism, failure to disband militias and delays in forming state institutions.

And facing tribal conflicts, threats from former regime backers and high social demands, the new authorities seem not sure where to turn next, one year after deposed dictator Muammar Qaddafi was captured and killed in his home town.

Libya elects new prime minister

Source : Agencies | 15 Oct 2012

Libya's national assembly elected a new prime minister on Sunday, the second within a month to face the daunting challenge of forming a government acceptable to the country's many factions.

Ali Zeidan, a former career diplomat who had defected in the 1980s to become an outspoken critic of Muammar Gaddafi, was elected in a televised count just a week after the last prime minister was dismissed in a vote of no confidence.

First headscarved mayor of Europe

Source : Agencies | 08 Oct 2012

Amra Babich became first headscarved mayor of Bosnia Herzegovina and Europe as she has been elected as Visoko mayor.

Bosnia held local elections on Sunday.

Babich got 29,39 of votes in Visoko municipality elections which she run as a candidate of Democratic Movement Party (SDA) that was founded by former president Alija Izzetbegovich.

Babich, had been a member of municipal assembly, also heads a civil society organization that helps families of troops killed during Bosnia war.

Georgia's Leader-in-Waiting Pledges to Work with Russia, NATO

Source : RIA Novosti | 02 Oct 2012

Georgia will seek close cooperation with both Russia and Western powers, billionaire tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili said on Tuesday, as his opposition coalition headed for election victory.

“It is very difficult to have many strategic partners, but we have to try and do this,” Ivanishvili told journalists. “If we can build a democratic state, I believe we will have a genuine opportunity to forge good relations with NATO and Russia.”

Outsider Hassan Mohamud wins Somali presidential race

Source : AFP | 11 Sep 2012

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a 56-year-old university lecturer chosen by lawmakers Monday as Somalia’s new president, is something of an unknown quantity.

“We don’t know much about him at all,” a western diplomat told AFP as voting in the presidential poll drew to a close.

“He comes from Somali civil society and he has links to Al Islah, the equivalent of the Muslim brotherhood. It’s only in the past two days that we’ve been hearing a lot about him,” the diplomat said.

Tunisia ruling party re-elects Ghannouchi as leader

Source : Agencies | 17 Jul 2012

Sheikh Rashid Al Ghannouchi has been re-elected the leader of the moderate Islamist party Al Nahda Movement with gaining 72 percent of the votes on Tuesday.

The ruling party in Tunisia held the party's 9th convention which was open to the press corps after 40 years on Tuesday.

At the convention Al-Ghannouchi gained 72 percent of the votes and was re-elected the leader of the party.

Why the Islamists Are Not Winning in Libya

By Abigail Hauslohner | Time | 11 Jul 2012

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