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US military struggling to stop suicide epidemic among war veterans

| The Guardian/UK | 02 Feb 2013

Last year, more active-duty soldiers killed themselves than died in combat. And after a decade of deployments to war zones, the Pentagon is bracing for things to get much worse.

Syria death toll rises to ‘truly shocking’ 60,000: United Nations

By Agencies | 03 Jan 20103

The United Nations has lifted the Syria conflict’s death toll to 60,000, in a dramatic indication of the brutal extent of the crackdown on the country during the uprising which developed into civil war.

U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay said in Geneva that researchers cross-referencing seven sources over five months of analysis had listed 59,648 people killed in Syria between March 15, 2011 and Nov. 30, 2012.

Death is the fastest of Allah’s creatures

Source : islamdag.ru | 26 Jun 2012

Arab spring leads to wave of Middle East state executions

By Saeed Kamali Dehghan and Ed Pilkington | The Guardian | New York | 27 Mar 2012

Middle Eastern countries have stepped up their use of capital punishment, executing hundreds of people as rulers across the region seek to deter the wave of uprisings sweeping the Arab countries.

Despite a significant reduction in the number of countries that used the death penalty worldwide last year, there was a sharp rise in executions in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen, according to Amnesty International's annual capital punishment survey, released on Tuesday.

Doubts Cast on Official Gaddafi Death Account

By Al Jazeera | Tripoli | 22 Oct 2011

Possible war crime?

A member of Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) has voiced doubts over the exact circumstances of Muammar Gaddafi's death, raising questions over earlier claims that the deposed leader had been killed in crossfire.

Waheed Burshan told Al Jazeera on Saturday that Gaddafi was clearly captured alive and there should be an investigation as to how he ended up dead a short while later.

Gaddafi burial delayed amid calls for probe

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies | 21 Oct 2011

Libya's National Transitional Council has delayed the burial for Muammar Gaddafi in order to arrange a secret location and allow for an investigation into his death, officials say.

On Friday, as videos continued to surface showing the fugitive deposed leader being captured alive by a crowd of NTC fighters, the United Nations' human rights office added its voice to calls for an investigation into how Gaddafi died.

Death is only the beginning…

By Muhammadrasul Saaduev : Imam of Central Jum`ah Mosque | Makhachkala / 16 Sept 2011

“Your Time is up, Move out of This House!”

Death is an unpleasant topic for many. It is the subject that a lot of people avoid, and even hate hearing about. But how can a sincere believer stop thinking or talking about death?

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